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All about Fish Oil in Bodybuilding

fish oil bodybuilding

Fish oil is used mainly because it is high in vitamins A, E, D and omega-3 fatty acids. They use fish oil in bodybuilding as all of these nutrients are useful not only for people who don’t train but for athletes as well. There are a number of ...

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What is Krill Oil? Benefits of Krill Oil

what is krill oil

Today people tend to care for their health. They look for nutritional supplements to support health condition as well as to achieve benefits. What is krill oil? Pharmacists and doctors recommend krill oil as a rich source of easily absorbed and vitally necessary omega-3 fatty acids.

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Cooking With Almond Oil: Truly Beneficial or Simply Fashionable

cooking with almond oil

The use of sweet almond oil for therapeutic, cosmetic and skin care purposes is widely known. Many people are doubtful whether cooking with almond oil is possible.  Almond oil can be definitely used in salad dressings, baking and desserts, as Wikipedia assures. Just make sure you have ...

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Castor oil: Pregnancy and Childbirth

castor oil for scars

Castor oil and pregnancy have a long history of relationships. For over a century castor oil has been used to induce labor when the due date of delivery is over.  It was used when people had no medications to cure themselves. Nowadays there are new modern drugs ...

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What is Sea Buckthorn Oil: Get to Know How to Choose

What is Sea Buckthorn Oil

What is sea buckthorn oil? Sea buckthorn oil is produced from the whole berries or seeds of Hippophae Rhamnoides. This plant originates from Russia and can also be found in some parts of China and Mongolia. How to choose the best type of this oil abundant in ...

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All Sea Buckthorn Oil Benefits You Might Be Interested in

Sea Buckthorn Oil Benefits

Sea buckthorn is widely used as a medical and cosmetic product, even though it is relatively new to the Americans, while actively consumed in Russia and China. It is even called a “Siberian pineapple” because of its rich taste and juicy body, and Russian cosmonauts use it ...

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Castor Oil Eczema Treatment Method: Healthy Skin Naturally

castor oil eczema

As Wikipedia states eczema is a chronic skin condition. It is induced by different internal and external factors. Castor oil eczema treatment method is a wonderful natural remedy. It can prevent, lessen or even heal eczema. Untreated eczema is dangerous as it can result in serious diseases, such ...

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Safflower Oil for Dogs: Does Your Pet Really Need It?

safflower oil substitute

People use safflower oil for dogs as the absence of healthy fats in dogs’ nutrition may lead to irritated skin and dandruff. Puppies that have low-fats diets are more prone to skin problems; they scratch themselves and may catch a skin infection. Safflower oil contains polyunsaturated and ...

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Castor Oil Enema: Safe and Effective

jamaican black castor oil uses

Enema is introduction of liquids into the rectum as Wikipedia states. Ayurvedic therapy offers oil enemas as a component of a cleansing therapy. Castor oil is one of the best oils for oil enemas so castor oil enema can be used by weak and elderly people, those ...

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Castor Oil and Weight Loss: Effective or Dangerous?

castor oil for acne

Castor oil has been prescribed as a laxative for years. It is approved to be safe for use by the U.S.Drug and Food Administration as Wikipedia states. This feature of castor oil is applied for weight loss. Exercises, diet and castor oil can give results. However, the ...

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Castor Oil for Fertility: a Natural Way to Conceive

castor oil cleanse

Traditionally castor oil has been used to treat constipation, to relieve pain, to reduce inflammation or to increase blood circulation. However, with the help of castor oil fertility problems can be solved too. How can castor oil help women conceive?

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