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Does Corn Oil Have Cholesterol?

does corn oil have cholesterol

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Corn oil is edible oil extracted from corn kernels. Does corn oil have cholesterol? It contains mainly fat, but most of this fat is unsaturated fatty acids which are considered healthy for our heart and body on the whole. Does corn oil increase the level of cholesterol?

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is an essential component of cell membranes required for the cells functioning. Moreover, it is needed for the biosynthesis of vitamin D, bile acids and steroid hormones. Human cells produce 75% cholesterol, the rest 25% are received from our food. It is dangerous to consume too much cholesterol as it raises the possibility of a heart disease and heart stroke.


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Plain corn oil

Cholesterol is not found in corn oil as only animal fat contains cholesterol according to Wikipedia. Corn oil is plant oil so it is cholesterol-free. Meat, milk, eggs, shrimp and fish are the main sources of cholesterol. Corn oil contains unsaturated fatty acids considered beneficial for reducing bad cholesterol level and total cholesterol level and increasing good cholesterol level. The consumption of this oil instead of animal fat will result in reducing the risk of coronary disease.

In addition, corn oil contains phytosterols that help lessen cholesterol level as well. They prevent the absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine. The Cleveland Clinic states that phytosterols may lower LDL, or bad cholesterol levels, by 7-15%.


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Products with corn oil

Does corn oil have cholesterol? No, it doesn’t. Nevertheless, foods that contain corn oil may contain cholesterol. Any cake or muffin baked with corn oil will have cholesterol as it includes eggs high in cholesterol.  A commercially made corn muffin, for example, contains 29 mg of cholesterol. Any meat or fish dish fried in corn oil will have cholesterol but its level is less than the food made with butter or lard has.