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Fish Oil during Pregnancy! Why?

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Fish oil – is an oily liquid obtained from the liver of fatty fish. It consists of three main components: vitamin A, vitamin D and omega-3, the presence of which makes fish oil so valuable for human health.

Let’s study all the benefits of fish oil for women during their pregnancy on the base of the data of American Pregnancy Association, National Institus of Health  and Wikipedia.

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Fish oil and pregnancy

  1. Fish oil is very necessary for children who are developing in the womb. According to the research it became clear that during the development fetus should be provided with a variety of useful substances, for example, omega-3 fats that affect the full development of the child’s brain. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, future mothers who consume fish oil during their pregnancy have babies with higher intellect.
  2. Fish oil is more useful in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Omega-3 stimulates the development and growth of the child, accelerates the blood in mother’s placenta, which improves child intrauterine nutrition.
  3. Danish scientists who observed 8000 pregnant women found that taking fish oil prevents premature birth.
  4. Nearly 20% of women may suffer a depression during pregnancy, which influences not only mother but also a child. Such children may be born with disorders abnormalities in weight, development, and health. It is proven that fish oil affects the mood of the future mother, because DHA Fish oil regulates the content of serotonin, a chemical regulator of impulses between nerve cells, which is known for its influence on the “good mood.” As you can see, the use of omega-3 is also a great opportunity to raise your spirits. Thus, we can get a completely natural remedy for sudden stress or prolonged depression.
  5. Vitamin D, which is contained in fish oil, is very important. For example, it can prevent rickets. Child’s bones may be affected  by the lack of this vitamin. Find out more about fish oil and vitamin D.
  6. Fish oil has a great influence on the retina of the child’s eyes. Omega-3 and omega-6 of fish oil have a positive effect on the entire women’s body and on the brain and the eyesight of the fetus during pregnancy.
  7. It’s necessary to consume fish oil in case of diabetes. Then the risk of child’s inheritance of diabetes decreases. Vitamin D protects the child’s immune system.
  8. Fish oil consists of unsaturated fatty acids, which prevent late toxicosis during gestation period. Fish oil also can prevent such complications during pregnancy, as preeclampsia and the birth of a low weight baby.

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So, consuming fish oil during pregnancy improves the process of child’s proper development. But remember! Being pregnant it’s better to reconcile the dose of fish oil with your doctor.