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Fish Oil for Cats: When Cats Need it

 fish oil for cats

Fish oils of cold water fish contain essential fatty acids beneficial to the health of body system not only of humans, but also of cats and dogs. We recommend fish oil for cats as fish oil is abundant in omega-3 fatty acids including alpha-linoleic acids ALA, docosahexaenoic acids (DPA), eicosapentaenoic acids (EPA) and omega-6 fatty acids.

Benefits of fish oil for cats

Cats lack essential fatty acids as well as people do because their bodies can’t produce omega-3 acids either. Therefore they should take the necessary amount from their nutrition. Cat food is very often short of essential fatty acids, which results in cats’ health problems. Fish oil supplements may solve this lack.

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There are a row of fish oil benefits for cats wellbeing, according to PetCareRx. When we add fish oil to cats’ nutrition it can help cure inflammation.  Inflammation can cause various serious problems with cats’ health, for example heart attacks and arthritis. Fish oil for cats is highly effective in improving heart health. Omega-3 fatty acids help support cats’ cardiovascular system. Read more how fish oil benefits for women’s health.

One more benefit that fish oil for cats provides is shiny coat and healthy skin. Adding fish oil to cats’ diet has been found to be of much help for skin moisturizing. Moreover, the shedding of cats consuming fish oil regularly is lower in comparison with cats whose food is not supplemented with fish oil. According to recent studies, fish oil prevents skin allergies and yeast infections in cats. 

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The dosage of fish oil for cats

Adding fish oil into cats’ food is the most well-known method to implement fish oil for cats. You simply cut off a fish oil soft capsule and mix the oil with cats’ meal. According to Westside Family Pet Clinic, the dosage of fish oil for cats depends on the type of a cat. The heavier a cat is the more fish oil it needs. The exact dosage of fish oil for cats should be defined by veterinarians in order to avoid overdose, allergies or contradictions. The veterinary doctor is likely to recommend 9-12 week course of fish oil.  If your cat gets fish oil from the food, then the doctor will reduce fish oil dosage or will say that fish oil is not necessary at all for your cat.