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Know How! Wheat Germ Oil Health and Cosmetic Uses

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There is a row of possible uses for wheat germ oil due to its benefits for health and beauty. The oil is derived from the embryo of wheat kernel, which possesses valuable nutrients for its proper growth. The unrefined oil is of very high density, it has a bit nutty flavor and deep amber color.

The chemical content of wheat germ oil is made up of a gross amount of Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, phytosterols and octacosanol, as Wikipedia states. Therefore, the oil is especially beneficial as a food supplement, which helps to prevent and cure undesirable health conditions of humans. There are also wheat germ oil uses in cosmetology for nourishing and moisturizing skin and hair. The oil is suitable both for ingesting and topical applying.

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Wheat germ oil uses for health benefits

When looking for a food supplement to boost your overall health wheat germ oil is definitely a product to consider. It can be one of cooking ingredients, for example while making salad dressings or sauces. The oil has a strong nutty taste so it perfectly complements vegetables and pasta. Brushed on a slice of bread oil can make a dietary sandwich. Add a few optional toppings for even better taste: chopped olives, cheese, tomato, etc.

Wheat germ oil also comes in the form of a supplement pill. Consult your physician before incorporating the concentrated dosage of the oil into your daily diet.

There are the following wheat germ oil properties that determine numerous wheat germ oil uses in natural medicine, described in the article of Doctors’ Research:

  • antioxidant effect (reduces the risk of various cancers, strengthens cellular security);
  • supporting the nervous system and skeletal muscle;
  • preventing coronary heart disease, cataract formation;
  • lowering raised blood sugar and/or cholesterol levels;
  • treating capillary fragility, lowered metabolism, obesity, bleeding gums, herpes infections, skin diseases, atherosclerosis;
  • improving exercise performance (reaction time, strength, stamina);
  • general anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial effect.

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Wheat germ oil uses in beauty sphere

Wheat germ oil possesses excellent emollient properties retaining moisture inside body cells. The oil also supplies the body with essential fatty acids, which play a crucial role in the health of skin and hair. Another beauty benefit of wheat germ oil is its anti-aging activity resulting in reducing first wrinkles and fine lines.

External oil applications and oral supplementation are both effective ways of delivering valuable nutrients to the skin, hair and body systems. Using wheat germ oil can make a positive change in the fatty acid composition and eicosanoid content of the epidermis.

It is enough to apply wheat germ oil a few times a week to improve the condition of your hair and skin and keep them soft, shiny and supple.

There are several methods of the external use of wheat germ oil:

  • applying plain organic cold-pressed oil; for better penetration, it is advised to warm the oil;
  • adding the oil to a skin and hair care product;
  • mixing with another carrier oil to lessen the stickiness and heaviness of plain wheat germ oil.