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Olive Oil Sprayer DIY: Why and How

olive oil sprayer


Using olive oil sprayer is an easy way to cook low-fat and delicious dishes. Olive oil mister (or spritzer) uses compressed air that atomizes olive oil into a mist. It can be used to sauté food if you keep to a low fat diet and want to cut the calories you consume. It is a well-known fact that olive oil is heart-friendly oil due to the monounsaturated fats and antioxidants contained in it. Spray your mister over the food or a cooking surface and get both needed fat and flavoring for your meal and health benefits of olive oil.


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Commercial sprayers

Commercial nonstick sprayers can be easily found on the market. They are a good and cheap choice for those who prefer low-fat diet. However all of them contain propellant and you can find propane or isobutane in some of them as well. These ingredients can residue off your cookware, pans and pots. This may not be safe so it is more preferable to use air-propelled cooking sprayers. They are less common and sometimes more expensive thought. Anyway, it’s better not to save on your health.


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Homemade sprayers

If you want to take all the advantages of using nonstick cooking sprayers and at the same time to avoid propellants, try to make a cooking sprayer at home. Olive oil is an excellent choice for cooking as this oil is heart healthy, fragrant and simple to find. Take a pump-style spray bottle and fill it with a high-quality extra virgin olive oil. It is always better to use extra virgin olive oil as it is the most beneficial for your health. Pump the bottle several times to create air pressure. Now you can use your homemade olive oil sprayer to coat your cookware and baking pans or to spray over your salads, pasta or any other dishes. Here you will find the olive oil brands we personally trust.

To sum it up is should be said that olive oil mister is a perfect alternative for those how are looking for a low-fat and healthy diet. It will help you to consume fewer calories and less fat and use your favorite oil for cooking at the same time.