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Almond Oil For Skin Whitening: A Natural Way To Even Your Skin Complexion

almond oil skin whitening

There is a large number of skin-whitening products on the market, but unfortunately they often contain too many chemical ingredients. Sometimes people can’t do without chemicals as they have severe skin pigmentation. But what to do if you just want to lighten your skin tone a little bit and don’t desire to apply chemicals with possible side effects on your skin. Pay attention to the skin whitening products, which consist of natural ingredients. Almond oil is one of such products. It will not only lighten your skin tone, it takes care of your skin, soothes, nourishes and moisturizes it.

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Almond oil benefits

Almond oil has been used for skin care for centuries. Now it is used also for skin-whitening products manufacturing. You can simply apply 100% sweet almond oil for skin whitening or make masks with other natural ingredients.

Almond oil is high in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins E, B2, B6, PP. It contains minerals and phytosterols. The highly beneficial composition of almond oil evens the skin complexion, removes unnecessary superficial blemishes, protects from wrinkles appearance and makes your skin radiant and healthy, as if you apply almond oil for skin whitening you will get rid of dark spots, bacterial or viral rash, acne scars and freckles. Moreover, almond oil and vitamin E in it helps protect the skin from ultraviolet damage and harmful conditions.


Lemon vs almond oil

Often women tend to use lemon for skin whitening. It is the most traditional method. However, lemon can be very acidic and irritating; it may peel the skin, make it itchy and should be used in moderation, better mixed with other ingredients.  If you use lemon juice it’s a good idea to mix it with few teaspoons of almond oil for best effect.

Almond oil is added to skin lightening gels and creams. It is used as carrier oil for peelings and scrubs. Unlike coconut oil which tends to clog pores in most people,  almond oil is non-comedogenic, it doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts.  Sweet almond oil included in skin whitening products can help clean the skin, remove blemishes, wearing out dead skin cells.

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Mask with almond oil for skin whitening

You may use almond oil to make a mask for skin whitening, as Susan Knowlton, Health Guidance contributor recommends:

  • Warm up sweet almond oil by indirect heat and massage into your face and neck. In 10-15 min remove excess oil by gently pressing a facial tissue onto areas treated.
  • Do it every evening before going to bed consecutively for 15 days.
  • Almond oil will increase blood circulation and rejuvenate the skin.
  • The mask has a slight skin-lightning effect as well as nourishing, moisturizing and cleaning properties.


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