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Castor Oil and Facial Hair: Pros and Cons

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Сastor oil is extracted from the castor beans as Wikipedia states. The oil is widespread for healing in many countries. Some women complain that when they apply castor oil facial hair becomes darker and harder. However, castor oil is also used as a remedy to a great number of hair and skin problems caused by lack of nutrients, health condition or age. You may find a lot of advices to apply castor oil on your face for skin care, treating skin diseases, eliminating age spots and moles. Castor oil is recommended for eyelashes and eyebrows.  How does castor oil influence facial hair? Let’s get to the bottom of the issue.

Eyebrows thickening

  • Castor oil is beneficial for eyebrows. If your eyebrows are sparse or thin you may use the oil to thicken them. Apply the oil to eyebrows using a mascara wand in the evening before going to bed. In the morning remove castor oil in case you use a eyebrow liner or pencil as the oil will prevent their application. Castor oil is a natural and inexpensive product without any chemicals in comparison with commercial eyebrows balms. Apply the oil regularly and you will find thick and vivid eyebrows in 4 weeks. You may combine it with jojoba oil. Read more about jojoba oil benefits for hair.
  • Castor oil is excellent for light eyebrows. The oil darkens them, especially Jamaican black castor oil.  Unfortunately, if you have never had eyebrow hairs or had a few eyebrows even when you were born the chance that castor oil will help is low. The oil promotes the growth of hair only where hair follicles are present.


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Eyelashes growing

Castor oil can also be used for eyelashes. Castor oil benefits for hair so it is a goosd choice for eyelashes. Thin brittle eyelashes are nourished with castor oil nutrients, become strong and even longer. Castor oil makes eyelashes less breaking. It covers them with a thin film and protects from harmful effect of frost, dirt, dust and other environmental conditions.


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Castor oil for a thicker beard

Castor oil is a source of beneficial unsaturated fatty acids as Wikipedia states. They penetrate all hair follicles on your face and provide them with essential nutrients. Thus, castor oil is used by men who want to make their beards thicker. The beard hair will become less brittle, healthy and look shiny.

Castor oil and unwanted facial hair

Have you ever heard that castor oil may lead to the growth of unwanted hair on the face? Luckily, the oil won’t stimulate the hair growth where it doesn’t grow naturally. So you shouldn’t worry about new unwanted hair on your face if you use castor oil for oil cleansing, skin moisturizing or treating acne. However, if you have problems with the hair on your face you should avoid using castor oil. The oil may adverse the effect of laser removal of hair. It is not recommended if you wax the hair above your upper lip. Since castor oil has a variety of benefits for skin and face skin in particular we recommend using castor oil on your face. Simply avoid problematic areas where you have hair as castor oil may make this hair darker and thicker.