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Castor Oil for Hair Loss Treatment

castor oil for hair loss

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Castor oil is one of the best natural remedies for hair loss treatment. If you want to prevent hair loss or if you notice that you lose your hair pay your attention to castor oil for hair loss treatment.  

Hair loss

Hair loss may be caused by various reasons. As Wikipedia states people lose hair due to the following causes:

  1. Male pattern
  2. Infection
  3. Poor nutrition and deficiency in elements
  4. Drugs
  5. Stress
  6. Hormonal changes
  7. Unhealthy environment


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Castor oil benefits

Castor oil is a source of beneficial unsaturated fatty acids. According to Wikipedia it consists of ricinoleic, oleic, linoleic, linolenic and other acids. Omega-9, omega-3 and omega-6 fats contribute greatly to the hair health and can eliminate the cause of hair loss. They have anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Castor oil can:

-       Treat fungal diseases of the hair scalp

-       Help get rid of dandruff, which is also a reason for hair loss

-       Hydrate the hair protecting it for moisture loss

-       Nourish the hair with nutrients

-       Protect hair from harmful environmental conditions

-       Stop inflammatory processes of the hair scalp


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How to apply castor oil for hair loss treatment

It is very easy to use castor oil for hair loss treatment. Just remember that the application will take some of your time. Castor oil is dense. So when you use castor oil you should apply it on the hair roots and scalp only. It is difficult to remove castor oil from hair. Mix it with coconut oil or almond oil in case you prefer applying the oil to all your hair.

Hair mask

We recommend taking warm castor oil for this hair mask. Warm oil is better for penetration. It is absorbed easier, thus the oil becomes more efficient. Apply the oil with your fingertips and distribute it evenly. You may cover your head with a warm towel to increase the effect. Make this mask for a half an hour and then shampoo your hair. Repeat the mask every time you wash your head and you will notice the result in 4-5 weeks.