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Enjoying Grapeseed Oil Massage

grapeseed oil massage

Regular grapeseed oil massage can do wonders to the state of your mind, health and body. Grapeseed oil is a perfect choice as it has a wide range of benefits.

How to choose massage oil

There are the following most significant for massage physical characteristics of oils (by WikiHow, LiveStrong):

  • glide or slip (how the oil spreads);
  • drag (the degree of lubrication);
  • viscosity (the weight of the oil)
  • how easily the oil is absorbed;
  • chemical makeup (nourishing and moisturizing properties);
  • scent;
  • diluting properties (is the oil good as carrier oil for aromatherapy essential oils).

The more slip the oil has the easier it is for the therapist’s hands to slide over the body. If work with deep muscles is needed, then much lubrication won’t be helpful and heavier oils with more drag should be found. Viscosity determines the weight of oils.

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Grapeseed oil massage advantages 

One of the most often used massage oils is grapeseed oil. Its prime benefits are the following:

  • High grapeseed oil nutrition value. As Wikipedia states, grapeseed oil is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and Vitamin E. All the compounds have powerful nourishing, moisturizing and healing properties. So grapeseed oil massage promotes the health and the beauty of the body. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-aging activity.
  • Creates a protective barrier to moisture loss.
  • Medium weight. Grapeseed oil massage can be both relaxing and deep.
  • Easily absorbed. Grapeseed oil massage does not leave a “greasy” feeling afterwards due to the fine silky texture of the oil.
  • Acts as carrier oil. Grapeseed oil easily penetrates the skin delivering the beneficial properties of essential oils deep inside the body. Normally, from 10 to 20 drops of essential oil are added to every 100 ml/ 4oz of carrier oil. Compare grapeseed oil vs canola oil as carrier oils.
  • Totally allergy-free. Grapeseed oil massage is safe for those who have sensitive skin or the tendency for dermatitis.
  • Suitable for acneic skin. Oils with comedogenic properties can irritate and inflame acneic skin even more. Grapeseed oil is believed to be non-comedogenic due to its purported antibacterial and antiseptic features. Grapeseed oil massage helps to tone the facial skin and to moisturize it without clogging pores. Read more about grapeseed oil and acne.

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  • Suitable for the skin under eyes. Very gentle grapeseed oil massage for face treats crows’ feet and repairs skin around the eyes. Find out all benefits of grapessed oil for skin care.
  • Baby-safe oil. Grapeseed oil massage is a good choice for baby’s skin. It is thin, rather light and non-allergic. Besides, grapeseed oil is edible in case a baby’s hands turn out to be in the mouth. Nevertheless prior to using the oil test it on a small spot on the baby skin in case of personal sensitivity to the oil.