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Hello and Thank You for visiting our blog!

We are a young couple trying to live natural and healthiest lifestyle possible (aka “health freaks”)))

Our story began seven years ago when we just came to this beautiful country from Europe. Stress, poor diet, poor food quality  and inconsistent regime did their job and during our first two years we were diagnosed with some conditions and diseases, and faced the choice: to go conventional way, which included invasive procedures and hormonal treatment, or try to improve our diet and lifestyle and see what happens. Second seemed so impossible ( “Do you REALLY think that a 25 year old girl can quit her skin care products and cosmetics just to avoid chemicals?! – these were my exact thoughts when my doctor first mentioned it) and hard to fulfill due to some reasons, including financial, but we decided to give it a try. 

I will never be able to fully express how grateful we are to the circumstances and people who encouraged us to make this choice! 

Once it will take me a book or/and a blog to tell you how we did this step by step, but now to cut a long story short – in just a year we were absolutely HEALTHY living a happy life free of chemicals, genetically modified and processed foods, stress and negative!

We are so thankful to our family and friends who saw our passion for the new lifestyle and encouraged us to create this blog. Again – we will definitely start on a new bigger project to describe our journey to healthier lifestyle, but for now we have decided to dedicate this blog to the thing that impressed us most – the oils, the variety of oils – cooking, essential, supplemental  - they made our transition to the new lifestyle and the new life itself possible. It was such a discovery! From having a bottle of olive oil in the kitchen we have come to now having… ok, let me be precise and go and count…all right)) are you ready? – 8 kinds of oil in the kitchen (including supplements) and 17 kinds (OMG are we really health freaks lol) of oil in the bathroom!

Here I would like to mention that all of the above mentioned events made me reconsider my career plans and now I am a medical student!

All the information on our website is obtained from trusted sources  and considered thoroughly. Before publication, each article undergoes check and editing by a third-party editor with the background in medical field (diet, nutrition and healthy lifestyle coaching). 

Thank You again for visiting our blog! We truly hope that you will find something helpful and encouraging here.


Sincerely, Eugene and Nastassia.


P.S. I did quit my commercial skin care products and cosmetics to avoid chemicals and xenoestrogens, never looked back and stongly encourage all women to do the same right today!