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Sesame Oil Uses: Maximum Benefit from Simple Product

sesame oil uses

Sesame oil uses are not limited to Asian cuisine. It can also be used for cosmetic and medical purposes as it possesses a number of beneficial features that positively affect our well-being.

Cooking with sesame oil

Once you try Asian cuisine, you do not forget its rich specific taste. It is so unique and distinguished due to the number of ingredients used, among which is sesame oil. Wikipedia gives an introduction on the use of sesame oil in cooking. It can be used for:

  • Frying

Sesame oil, containing zero cholesterol, is perfect for stir-frying and just cooking. Adding to this, it also lowers cholesterol level, so is a perfect choice for those who want to switch to healthy cooking. Try various sesame oil recipes.

  • Addition to dips

This oil also serves as ingredient for a variety of Asian soy-based dips, as combination of soy sauce and sesame seed oil has proven to be a delicious one.

  • Salad dressing

Firstly, sesame oil does not contain cholesterol and secondly, it has pleasant and specific taste, which adds special unusual flavor to the salad. It can be used either as ingredient of salad dressing, or alone, like olive oil, for example. Add some sesame oil to olive oil pasta source.


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Medical purposes

Green Med Info lists a number of conditions sesame oil can be used for. Among them are:

  • Oral hygiene

Due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial features, using sesame oil for dental care improves overall state of gums and teeth, prevents some conditions and eliminates parasites and bacteria present in the mouth.

  • Decreases blood pressure

Sesamin present in sesame seed oil has ability to lower blood pressure and is especially effective in hypertensive patients.

  • Diabetes state improvement

Antioxidants present in sesame oil fight free radicals, which can cause great damage to cells and lead to a number of diseases. As well, sesame oil tends to significantly reduce blood pressure level which is also beneficial for treating diabetes.

  • UV protection

Proved to be a great sunscreen product, sesame seed oil serves as an efficient protection against UV rays. It benefits both skin and hair, protecting from the damage UV causes and at the same time, moisturizing and hydrating.


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Cosmetic purposes

  • Skin care

Sesame oil has a variety of beneficial features for our skin. Firstly, it hydrates and moisturizes, thus contributing to skin elasticity and strength. As well it contains vitamin E, which is known to serve as anti-aging component, boosting collagen production and smoothing skin surface. Secondly, sesame seed oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties thus allowing to use this product for treating certain diseases, as well eliminating redness and swelling. Thirdly, sesame oil can serve as cleansing product, especially for people with acne, as it reduces inflammation, eliminates free radicals from the skin and hydrates it.

  • Hair care

As has been mentioned before, sesame oil is a good and efficient protection from UV rays, thus preventing your hair from going dim. Among other beneficial features of sesame oil for the hair is its ability to darken the hair, being a substitute for chemical dyes. As well sesame oil stimulates hair growth because of its ability to quickly penetrate skin surface and stimulate blood circulation.