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Wheat Germ Oil Benefits: The Boost of Your Health and Beauty

wheat germ oil benefits


Benefits of wheat germ oil have great impact on both the health and the beauty of humans. The oil, being derived from the embryo of wheat kernel, has rich nutritional content with truly revitalizing, healing and protective properties.

The most significant nutrients, which determine wheat germ oil benefits, are the following.

1. Vitamin E benefits

The oil is unusually rich in Vitamin E in its most biologically active form – d-alpha-tocopherol. According to Self Nutrition Data, 100mg of the oil contains 149mg of Alpha Tocopherol, what is 747% DV (daily value). (More on wheat germ oil  Nutritional Data here.)

 The Office of Dietary Supplements of National Institute of Health marks Vitamin E as a strong natural antioxidant fighting the damage done by free radicals. In addition, it takes part in the transportation of potent chemicals to strengthen cellular security and to carry out other important functions. Therefore, wheat germ oil benefits include the protecting from the oxidation of unsaturated fats in body, being especially active in tissues – the main cellular defensive line.

Another benefit of Vitamin E – and thus of wheat germ oil is its emollient property, which is helpful in improving the condition of dry skin and damaged hair. Applied topically wheat germ oil retains moisture deep inside skin cells, smoothes the surface of hair and skin, helps treat skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, acne, skin ulcers, allergy, burns). The antioxidant value of Vitamin E results in anti-aging activity as well. Therefore, the oil can help reduce first wrinkles and fine lines. No wonder why wheat germ oil is widely used in natural Skincare.

Humans also need Vitamin E to boost their immune system increasing its ability to fight off viruses. It helps widen blood vessels and prevent blood clotting inside them. Being one of the best sources of Vitamin E, according to National Institute of Health, wheat germ oil benefits in all mentioned ways.

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2.     The Benefits of Octacosanol

It is a natural chemical, which might help improve the way our body uses oxygen. This property leads to the number of health benefits of wheat germ oil as a good source of octacosanol.

Research found that octacosanol may inhibit the production of cholesterol and may help patients with Parkinson’s disease, according to Wikipedia. Other studies discovered its ability to improve exercise performance (reaction time, strength, stamina), fight off herpes infections, skin diseases, atherosclerosis.

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3.     Essential fatty acids benefits

According to Self Nutrition Data, the fat formula of wheat germ oil includes all the main fatty acids – Omega-3, -6, -9 with Linoleic acid (Omega-6) taking the biggest part – 55%. Essential fatty acids are crucial for the maintaining of health and beauty. Like Vitamin E, they have external and internal effect on the body.

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Benefits of wheat germ oil are significant:

  • helping with healthy cellular development,
  • coordinating the functionality of the brain and nervous system,
  • thinning blood thus preventing blood clots,
  • regulating blood pressure, immune responses and liver function,
  •  breaking down cholesterol,
  • anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial activity.
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