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IMPORTANT! 6 Fish Oil Side Effects You Must Be Aware of

fish oil side effects


Fish oil supplements are considered safe by many people. However, when you take fish oil side effects may appear. According to ConsumerLAb.com, the fish oil supplements are taken daily by a lot of Americans. They are the most wide-spread in the market – even more than multivitamins. Consult the doctor before fish oil implementation, as it can cause the following side effects, according to WebMD


Allergic reactions

One of the fish oil side effects is allergy. If you once had an allergic reaction to any kind of fish you should avoid any fish oil supplements because of the possible allergy side effect of fish oil.


Excess bleeding

Another of omega 3 fish oil side effects is excess bleeding. Fish oil lessens activity of platelets that are significant for blood clotting. When you take low doses of fish oil the risk of bleeding as one of fish oil supplements side effects is minimal. If you consume high doses of fish oil you can notice nosebleed. Gums bleeding, blood in the urine and many bruises may be signs of side effects of fish oil supplements.


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Gastrointestinal disorders

Omega-3 fish oils can cause disorders in the digestive system.  Gastrointestinal side effects of fish oil are indigestion and heartburn. If you take high doses of omega-3 fish oil side effects can be severe: diarrhea, belching and bloating. Omega-3 fish oils may lead to a fishy aftertaste as well. 


Drop of blood pressure 

People with low blood pressure should be careful with fish oil as it may cause some drops of blood pressure. It is one of the side effects of fish oil that is dangerous for people prone to hypotension. Medications for lowering blood pressure should be combined with fish oil with caution.


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Lack of Vitamin E

Fish oil may cause deficiency in vitamin E. Producers of fish oil try to overcome side effects of fish oil supplements and add vitamin E to fish oil. However, when we combine fat soluble vitamin E in fish oil with other products its level may become increased.


Medication interactions and contradictions

According to the National Institute of Health, due to possible fish oil supplements side effects the anticoagulant therapy, for example warfarin, heparin and aspirin, and medications lowering blood pressure are not recommended to apply together with fish oil. High doses of fish oil may also influence the proper function of birth control pills.

Such health conditions as diabetes, liver disease, seafood or fish allergy, immunity disorders may contradict fish oil supplements. Patients who suffer from these diseases should talk to their doctors before adding fish oil to their diets because of the possible side effects of fish oil supplements.

You see that side effects of fish oil are numerous, but they are rare if fish oil is taken in small amounts. Fish oil is worth consuming because of its health benefits, just avoid overdosing as usually high doses of fish oil can lead to the above-said fish oil side effects.


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