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Flaxseed Oil in Bodybuilding: Why and How

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The aim of bodybuilding is to enlarge muscle mass and reduce body fat, receiving excellent physical appearance. Proper nutrition is needed to keep this physical state and restore from the necessarily intensive training. Consuming flaxseed oil in addition to your bodybuilding exercises can better your health and help your muscles’ growth and recovery.

Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil contains the omega-3 fatty acid, namely alpha-linolenic acid ALA. It is one of the omega-3 fatty acids essential for our cells. As our bodies can’t produce them they must be received from our nutrition. As the University of Maryland Medical Center declares, the recommended amount of flaxseed oil daily is 1-2 tablespoons. There is 15 ml of flaxseed oil including 7 g of ALA and 120 calories in every tablespoon. What is the effect of flaxseed oil for bodybuilding?


Reducing inflammation

When exercises induce damage to fibers of your muscles it leads to growth and results in stronger and larger muscles. However, the muscles become inflamed after training, and it makes them stiff, sore and swollen. Flaxseed oil can help reduce muscles inflammation that allows you to recover faster. Thus, with the help of flaxseed oil bodybuilding training programs may become more intensive. Recovery after intensive training as well as the load depends on the work of cardiovascular system. Flaxseed oil helps prevent heart problems and improve the functioning of the heart system that provides nutrients necessary for growth.


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Enhanced insulin sensitivity

Insulin is essential for glucose metabolism. When glucose gets into the bloodstream, the pancreas produce insulin that causes cells, including muscles, to take up glucose from the blood. As bodybuilders usually eat a high quantity of food, they face the risk of poor insulin sensitivity formation. In this case cells become unable to recognize insulin and take glucose. According to the New York Academy of Sciences, flaxseed oil containing omega-3 fatty acids may enhance insulin sensitivity. Adding flaxseed oil to a bodybuilding diet can promote glucose metabolism and lessen bodybuilders’ risk of type-two diabetes development.


Body fat loss

Omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed oil increase the rate of fat burning, as a bodybuilding nutrition expert Mauro Di Pasquale M.D. says. Bodybuilders often refuse to eat dietary fat; it is a wide-spread practice during several weeks before competitions. Consuming flaxseed oil is a possible way to achieve healthy fats for bodybuilders without raising a caloric intake.


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Forms of flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil for bodybuilding is available in liquid oil form or in capsules. They are both beneficial and you may choose any form convenient for you.



The above-mentioned benefits of flaxseed oil for bodybuilders are only possible when the body successfully converts ALA from flaxseed oil into EPA and DHA acids. As the University of Maryland Medical Center notes men’s ability to convert ALA is lower than women’s. Sometimes people have a lower ability to convert ALA. In this case fish oil can help as it possesses EPA and DHA.


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