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Does Olive Oil Go Bad?

does olive oil go bad


Olive oil is a very popular product in cooking, health and personal care. A lot of people use it every day and it hardly stays long. Still, does olive oil go bad actually? Of course it does, bad olive oil is also called rancid. Olive oil’s rancidity depends first of all on its shelf life and storage. If stored properly and used within its shelf life, olive oil tastes and smells properly and keeps all of its beneficial properties.

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Shelf life

Olive oil has a rather long shelf life. If kept closed it can remain good for up to 18 months. Once you open the bottle, it’s better to keep your olive oil for no longer than 2 months. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that proper storage can increase the shelf life of olive oil.

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Cool and dark place is what olive oil needs to stay good for as long as possible, states The Olive Oil Times. Your kitchen pantry is fine, however if you want to add some extra months to your olive oil’s shelf life, try storing it in the refrigerator. Keep in mind that this can cause the congealing of the oil, so each time you’re going to cook, take the oil out of the fridge to warm up. One hour before using will be enough for olive oil to reach the room’s temperature and be in a right state for cooking. Remember to close the bottle of olive oil tightly when you finish cooking.

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If you are not sure if you stored your oil properly and whether it can still be used, it is recommended to do the following:

  1. Examine the color of your oil. If olive oil goes bad it becomes bright yellow (brighter than when it’s fresh).
  2. Smell your oil. Fresh oil smells fruity and intense while rancid oil either has little fresh or smells like stale peanuts or crayons.

Take some oil into your mouth to feel the taste. If it is bitter or tastes like pumpkin, it is obviously bad.