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Neem Oil Side Effects: What You Have to Remember

neem oil side effects

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Despite having a number of valuable and beneficial features, neem oil has to be taken with caution and consideration. There are several neem oil side effects known. Due to its toxicity and strong effects it may not be combined with certain medicines and conditions. This article will highlight the main side effects neem oil may have on your body.

Possible neem oil side effects

  • Damage to liver and kidney functioning

Neem oil has a lot of benefits and is obviously good and has positive effect on kidney and liver functioning due to its antioxidant features. However, too much neem oil intake may cause damage to the proper functioning of these organs and result in jaundice and decrease in urine production.

  • Allergic reaction

When applied externally, neem may cause allergy in certain people. Even though it is considered a good treatment for many skin diseases (read about need oil for skin), neem may cause itching and redness, so before starting any treatment it is advised to consult the doctor and check for allergy.


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  • Infertility risk

Neem has an ability to immobilize sperm cells and thus it serves as a contraceptive product. So women, who wish to conceive, are recommended to avoid neem oil consumption to eliminate the infertility risks.

  • Danger for children

The system of children is more fragile and weak than the adults, therefore, some substances that are ok for grown-ups may not be applicable for the kids. Neem oil is included in the list, since it may cause Reye’s syndrome because of aspirin-like compounds. This syndrome is very rare and causes vomiting, fatigue, disorientation and even coma. So to prevent its occur children should not be given neem oil in any way.

  • Boosting up immune system

Neem has an ability to boost up our immune system. While some people find it incredibly good for themselves, others may not be so happy after neem consumption. Let us take arthritis as an example. In case of arthritis the overactive immune system attacks healthy cells thus leading to cartilage destruction. So if the activity of the immune system is additionally boosted up by neem, it will worsen the flow of the disease and may lead to serious conditions. Find out all facts about krill oil for arthritis treatment.

  • Drop in blood sugar level

While neem can be used to control diabetes as it causes our blood sugar level to decrease, for some people it also may be too much and cause dizziness, weakness and headaches together with sweating and even fainting.

  • Interaction with drugs

As mentioned above, due to its ability to boost the immune system and lower the level of sugar in blood, neem-based products can interacts with certain medications a person intakes (for diabetis, etc.) and reduce or increase their effectiveness.


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Neem oil possesses a great number of valuable and beneficial features, treating many conditions and improving our health. However, it also has its side effects which may lead to serious complications. Before starting to consume and use neem oil and neem products, it is important to consult the doctor and take into consideration your health state and whether  or not will it be safe for you personally to start neem treatment.

  • Bella Donna

    I am one of those people that had a severe skin reaction to the neem oil. I broke out in a horrid rash that began spreading days after discontinued use. I did NOT dilute it. I should have. I am so very sorry. I had to go to the doctors and was prescribed a steroid. The rash is huge, red, hot, itchy and swollen. It takes up my entire right hip. It also spread to my hands. Be super safe and make sure to dilute it and do a skin spot test before using. There isn’t enough info out there about this!!