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18 Incredible Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

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Why is coconut oil good for you?

The value of saturated and unsaturated fats depends on the length, type and number of fatty acids. Saturated animals fats differ greatly from coconut oil fatty acids. The major benefit of coconut oil fatty acid is that it is a unique combination of lauric acid, capric and caprylic acids. They are medium-chain triglycerides that assimilate well. They are not stored in the body, don’t clog arteries and don’t increase a risk for heart disease. These lauric, capric and caprylic acids together with antimicrobial lipids of coconut oil have a cardio-protective, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and fat-burning effect. Read more about Coconut Oil Nutrition Facts.

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Heart protection

One of coconut oil benefits is that coconut oil affects cardiovascular health positively. Some people believe that coconut oil contains saturated fat and, therefore, is bad for our heart. It’s not true. Saturated fats of coconut oil are medium-chain triglycerides one of which is lauric acid. This acid helps prevent different heart diseases. It may control blood pressure level and cholesterol level. It also lessens the possibility of arteries injury, thus prevents atherosclerosis.


Digestive system

Another health benefit of coconut oil is its help to our digestion. Coconut oil is usually used as cooking oil. It is easily absorbed. It betters our digestion and helps prevent stomach and digestive problems, for example irritable bowel syndrome. Coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties and helps fight bacteria, parasites, fungi that can cause indigestion. Coconut oil assists in vitamins, amino acids, minerals absorption.


Antimicrobial and antifungal effect

The medium-chain fatty acids have antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Researches show that the oil kills strains of Candida fungi. When applied topically coconut oil has antifungal properties against Trichophyton, the fungus that gives rise to such fungal infections as athlete’s foot, ringworm and jock itch. The Coconut Research Center states that coconut oil fights viruses causing measles, influenza, herpes, etc. and bacteria causing throat infections, infections of urinary tract, ulcers and pneumonia. The capric acid in coconut oil may have an antimicrobial effect and even fight with HIV and herpes.


Weight loss

Among the benefits of coconut oil we can name weight loss effect. The medium-chain fatty acids are absorbed quicker than other fats directly from the gastrointestinal system. It leads to increase in energy expenditure and, thus, to weight loss. Read more about Coconut Oil and Weight Loss.


Immunity strengthening

When we use coconut oil health becomes better, as coconut oil is very beneficial for our immune system. It strengthens it because of the above-said medium-chain triglycerides. Our body converts lauric acid into monolaurin which is stated to fight bacteria Candida, heliobacter pylori and viruses that cause herpes and cytomegalovirus.


Antioxidant Properties

Researches prove that cold-pressed raw coconut oil is high in antioxidants, which fight with the free radicals that cause a large number of illnesses. So coconut oil may be used to increase our protection against liver disease, breast cancer, Cohn’s disease, kidney disease and influenza. Moreover, coconut oil supplies the body with vitamin E and helps utilize omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, if you take omega-3 supplements consume them with coconut oil.


Stability and high smoke effect

Coconut oil can be safely used for cooking and frying at high temperatures. When heated it doesn’t become toxic. Refined coconut oil is one of the best for this aim.


If we consume coconut oil as primary cooking oil, health of the following body parts improves:

Kidney: The oil assists in protecting against kidney and gall bladder diseases. It may also dissolve kidney stones.

Liver: Fatty acids of coconut oil are easily digested and converted into energy. So they decrease load on the liver if compared with other fats, thus preventing liver problems.

Bones: Coconut oil helps our body absorb such minerals as magnesium and calcium necessary for bones.

Teeth: Calcium is also important for teeth. And what is more, coconut oil pulling prevents tooth decay.


Other coconut oil benefits

Health benefits of coconut oil also include:

  • Moisturizing, nourishing skin and improving skin conditions
  • Nourishing hair, hair growth
  • Balance blood glucose levels
  • Control thyroid function
  • Helps with vitamins and minerals absorption
  • Healing of bruises and infections
  • Stress relief through aromatherapy
  • Helps in calcium absorption
  • Stimulate metabolism
  • Forming alkaline

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The above-mentioned benefits of coconut oil show that this oil is worth consuming and adding to our diet. As in case with other oils we should remember that one tablespoon of oil daily is enough and overconsumption may turn coconut oil benefits into its disadvantages (be aware of Coconut Oil Side Effects). You may also choose to take coconut oil as supplement in capsules – see our Coconut Oil Capsules Brands’ Reviews.