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All Olive Oil Brands You May Trust

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As every sort of olive has its own peculiarities, different olive oil brands have various flavors and taste. They even look different. The same variety of olive oil grown in various regions of the world and even the country tastes and smells different. Many factors influence olive oil — the sort of olives used for its production, climate and even soil. Thus, there are several famous olive oil brands in the world which oil is widely-known and highly valued. Producers of olive oil brands are proud of their reputation and try to keep it up. Let’s take a close look at olive oil brands.

Spanish olive oil

Spain is the number one producer of olive oil in the world. There are hundreds and hundreds olive oil brands in Spain, from large producers to small regional ones.  Your choice depends on your personal taste. Venta Barone, Marqués de Griñon, Señorío de Vizcántar are Spanish olive oils.

Italian olive oil

The major Italian olive oil manufacturing regions are Puglia, Liguria, Tuscany, Lucca and Umbria. However, a third of Italy’s olive trees are grown in Puglia. Each Italian olive oil is created with a flavor peculiarity because of climate, growing methods and variety of olives used. Italian olive oils’ flavor differs from mild to spicy. The most famous are extra-virgin Italian olive oils that are perfect for salads, vegetables, sauces and, of course, all dishes of Italian cuisine, including pasta. Some of Italian olive oils brands are Nocellara del Bellice, Colavita Olive Oil, Albereto’s Organic EVOO, Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Moraiolo blend and many others.

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Greek olive oil

Greece produces over 75% of all extra virgin olive oil.  Greece is the biggest exporter of extra virgin olive oil. Greek olive oil is an essential constituent of the Mediterranean diet, a nutritional diet pattern. General properties of Greek olive oil are:

  • Slightly peppery
  • Lemon hint
  • Grassy flavor

You can find such Greek olive oil brands in stores as Kalamata PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Odysea, Iliada, O!Live, Eliki.

California olive oil

Americans have taken for granted for centuries that just Italian, Greek or Spanish olive oil is worth buying. But California producers try hard to gain the local market and now California olive oil becomes recognizable. Some famous and worthy brands are Barzana Oil, California Olive Ranch, St.Pierre Tuscan Oil.

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Pompeian olive oil

Pompeian Olive Oil is a brand of olive oil in the U.S.A. It is the largest olive oil importer from the Mediterranean countries and South America. Pompeian Olive Oil is olive oil imported in bulk from abroad and then blended and bottled fresh. Pompeian Olive Oil is not single olive oil from one country, it is blend of various olive oils made in different regions. There are several types of Pompeian Olive Oil:

·        Extra Virgin

·        Organic Extra Virgin

·        Classic Pure

·        Pompeian OlivExtra® Original

We haven’t mentioned all olive oil brands, olive oil is produced in Australia, Turkey and other countries. However, there are no best olive oils as there are no best wines. Just try different olive oil brands with different benefits and find your favorite one.