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Does Tea Tree Oil Help for Acne: Find out the Truth

tea tree oil acne

Tea tree oil for acne is a natural alternative to  traditional treatments including retinoids, antibiotics and creams with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. And it is free from toxic chemicals.

Tea tree oil for acne

Acne appears when hormones induce an overproduction of sebum, the oil produced by the glands. The pores get clogged with this excess oil. As a result bacteria get trapped in them, causing inflammation. The root of acne may be hormonal, but acne treatments assist in cleaning the pores and killing bacteria on the skin. Tea tree oil acts the same way.

Tea tree oil is essential oil derived from the plant Melaleuca alternifolia native to Australia. Tea tree oil uses are numerous. Iis often added to personal care products, home cleaners and antifungal creams. It is available on sale as full length essential oil or as a blend with other oils, usually vegetable ones. With tea tree oil acne treatment becomes a simple procedure as tea tree oil has several effects on acne.

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Cleaning the skin

The first and necessary part of making your skin free of acne is considered keeping the face clean. Tea tree oil can be used as a facial wash as it effectively cleans the skin. Read more about tea tree oil effects on skin.

Reducing inflammation

Tea tree oil helps in acne treatment as it possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties. Tea tree oil soothes the inflamed skin making acne outbreaks less noticeable, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Fighting bacteria

The main compound of tea tree oil terpinen-4-ol is responsible for its antibacterial effect. Tea tree oil is easily absorbed in the skin; it attacks bacteria from inside, stopping infection and inflammation, the main reasons for acne eruptions.

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Scientific researches

In 2007 a study proved the effectiveness of a 5 percent tea tree oil gel against moderate acne. Before it in 1990 the Department of Dermatology at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital of New South Wales performed a comparison of a 5% tea tree oil gel with a lotion against acne with 5% benzoyl peroxide. As a result both remedies were proven to be effective, but tea tree oil for acne showed fewer side effects.


Tea tree oil should be applied only topically either in full strength or diluted form. You may use full strength tea tree oil on acne scars, if your skin is not sensitive to tea tree oil. You may also dilute three drops of tea tree oil with 12 drops of carrier oil or 5 drops of tea tree oil to 1 teaspoonful of cream. Apply it twice a day.