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How to Take Coconut Oil to Benefit from It

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Coconut oil is extremely beneficial for human’s health if you know how to take it properly. It lowers blood pressure, helps to control the cholesterol level in your blood and therefore minimizes the risk of heart disease. Coconut oil normalizes and improves digestion and adoption of all kinds of vitamins and minerals. Due to its antibacterial and antioxidant properties it helps to treat infectious illnesses and cures injuries and cuts. Coconut oil is great in moistening the skin and protecting it from sunburn and skin cancer. Moreover it helps to lose weight and provides a rich source of energy to human’s body. And this is a very incomplete list of the benefits of coconut oil. If you decided to include coconut it into your diet, here are some basic tips for the usage of coconut oil.

First of all it should be mentioned that not all coconut oils are made equal. Virgin, most organic coconut oil is distilled from the coconut milk or its fresh meat and is minimally processed. There are though some commercial coconut oils that use cooked coconut meat as a raw material. They undergo more complex processing and this consequently makes the coconut oil lose some of its useful properties. Obviously using pure virgin coconut oil is much more preferable.


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How to take coconut oil

-       The most efficient way of taking coconut oil is taking it ‘straight’, mixing with a certain amount of water. Still it’s recommended to include coconut oil into your diet gradually and let your body to get adjusted to it first;

-       The easiest way to take coconut oil is just by adding it into your food. Use it while cooking and baking or simply replace the oil which you usually prefer with coconut oil;

-       Take it as a supplement in the form of coconut oil capsules. However to get a recommended daily amount of coconut oil, you will have to swallow a huge number of these pills each time which might be rather inconveniently and costly;

-       And finally there is one more way to saturate your body with coconut oil, which is massaging the coconut oil onto your skin. Coconut oil will penetrate your skin and get directly to your blood.



To achieve significant results the perfect amount is 2-4 tablespoons of coconut oil taken per day. It’s up to you how to take coconut oil, still to appreciate all its beneficial properties you should do it regularly. Coconut oil has a long shelf-life and is very resistant to spoilage. It doesn’t need to be kept in a frige, so you can keep it in your workplace and take it with your food or beverages during a day.


If your primary goal is losing weight with the help of coconut oil, try to keep to the following system


1st step

Mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of coconut oil with 1 ounce of hot water or herbal tea and allow the infusion to melt.

2nd step

Take one portion of the coconut oil mixture before each meal.

3rd step

Keep taking coconut oil infusion each day for two months or more until you reach you ideal weight.

4th step

Gradually reduce the coconut oil intake until you completely stop.


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