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Natural Treatment: Castor Oil for Fibroids

castor oil for fibroids

It is advised to use castor oil for fibroids treatment. Fibroids influence the fertility and may cause the miscarriage in women. Sometimes they don’t need any treatment. Usually they are treated with medications. Only surgery can remove fibroids completely. Natural methods are also worth trying as they can help lessen the fibroids size. Edgar Cayce recommends castor oil for fibroids treatment.

Effect of castor oil for fibroids

This natural remedy has been known for years and considered effective. Castor oil is vegetable oil derived from castor beans. The oil is a source of unsaturated fatty acids. It is used for treating constipation (read how to use castor oil for constipation), skin diseases, for liver cleansing and pain relief. The main benefits of castor oil are its anti-inflammatory effect, its influence on the circulative and lymphatic systems. This makes castor oil efficient for fibroids treatment as well. How does castor oil treat fibroids?

  1. Castor oil acts on the pelvic region. It betters the circulation in this region thus women use castor oil for cysts and fibroids cure. The improved circulation nourishes every cell with necessary nutrients and essential elements. It improves the functioning of the pelvic area.
  2. Castor oil also reduces inflammation. Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid. The acid makes up about 90% of castor oil. The ricinoleic acid has a strong anti-inflammatory effect as Wikipedia states. It can stop inflammatory processes.
  3. Castor oil improves the work of the reproductive system. Edgar Cayce suggested castor oil for fibroids healing. The oil affects the lymphatic system and has the decongestant effect. The lymphatic system expels waste and toxins from the region on which you apply castor oil. It gives cells a means to remove waste. Thus, castor oil may stimulate the removal of all wastes and toxins out of cells. It also expels inflammatory products as a result shrinking fibroids.
  4. As the oil stimulates the lymphatic system it can remove the excessive estrogen. This estrogen often misbalances the hormonal state of the body and may be the reason of fibroids and ovarian cysts.
  5. In addition, castor oil may improve the nourishment of the uterus, fallopian tubes and glad bladder.


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Castor oil for cysts

Ovarian cysts are collection of fluid within an ovary as Wikipedia notes. Castor oil influences cysts the same way it works for fibroids treatment. Women admit that castor oil helps lessen ovarian cysts.


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Application of castor oil

If you want to apply castor oil for cysts and fibroids treatment it is better to use castor oil packs. Don’t take castor oil internally. Castor oil packs are applied on the lower abdomen area. Warning! Castor oil has side effects. Castor oil is forbidden during breastfeeding, pregnancy and menstruation. If you have any gastrointestinal problems seek your doctor’s advice on castor oil application. If you want to conceive don’t use castor oil after ovulation.