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Neem oil for Bed Bugs Elimination: Enjoy Peaceful Sleep

neem oil for bed bugs

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Proper night rest is utterly important for any human being, and any interruption is highly unpleasant. The use of neem oil for bed bugs elimination has been known for a long time. Neem oil is a natural repellent. How to use it to get rid of bed bugs?

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small red flat insects that feed on blood of the warm-blooded animals. The nasty thing about them is that they hide in all possible places, including cracks in the furniture and walls and come out at night only with the aim to eat. They also can survive a year without meal, so it can be real hard to get rid of them since you can never know for sure where their hiding spot is.

And here neem oil comes in use. Since it is a perfect repellent as Wikipedia states, it may be actively used in fighting bed bugs. However, it does not totally eliminate them and cannot be used as a single weapon against these creatures. A whole plan has to be developed and only then you will be safe from bites.


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Action plan

1)      Firstly, give all your linen and clothes a real good wash. Before using neem oil you have to get everything prepared for the neem application. The preparation is the same as used during applying tea tree for lice removal.

2)      Vacuum your bed, mattress and the area near your bed.

3)      Now you can either buy or make a neem oil spray and apply it. For making the spray, mix neem oil, water and some detergent together and put it in a spray bottle (read also how to make a tea tree oil spray). After you have neem spray ready, apply a thin mist on your bed, linen, clothes and even the area near your sleeping place. You also may apply neem oil on your skin as it will keep the bugs away (repellent-effect).


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Note: it is important to remember that the procedure has to be repeated and single use of neem oil does not give you the guarantee of bed bug-free environment.