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Neem Oil for Hair: Give Your Hair a Hollywood Look

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Neem oil for hair has been used for a long time. The oil originates from India, and Indian women are well known for their beautiful shiny and strong hair. What is their secret and how do they manage to keep their hair in such great condition? The answer to this question may be a neem oil shampoo, which has been widely used in India for centuries and only recently got introduced to the rest of the world. So how does neem oil affect our hair and why should we use it?

How does neem benefit your hair?

Unlike many other oils, neem oil used for hair care does not directly affect the hair itself and its structure. It rather works from inside, keeping the scalp and skin healthy, which results in strong healthy hair.  Castor oil for hair also affects the scalp. Since neem has very strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory features, it treats the head skin, frees it from any parasites (if present) and creates a healthy environment for the hair growth. Few main effects of neem on the hair can be named:


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  • Prevents hair loss

Hair loss, or alopecia, is an unpleasant condition, which is better to be prevented than cured after happening. There are many reasons for alopecia, such as hormonal, genetical, stress, etc. These reasons also include infection and scars (scarring alopecia), and neem oil can help deal with them and prevent hair loss. Since neem is anti-bacterial, it treats the scalp skin and frees it from any parasites. Neem oil for hair loss prevention is used as it is able to even scarring and make the skin more elastic and smooth, thus reducing the risk of hair loss.

  • Prevents premature graying

It was always considered that hair graying occurs only in certain age, but nowadays, due to stress, pollution and lack of certain nutrients, even young people may face this problem. This condition, however, may be prevented if to follow certain guidelines. Along with neem oil consumption, it is recommended to avoid stress and have a proper and balanced diet with enough vitamins.

  • Stimulates hair growth

Since neem oil keeps scull skin healthy, it is obvious that hair will grow more intensively if there are no problems with the skin. So neem oil for hair growth can be surely used, by contributing greatly to the thick healthy hair, which has always been a pride of all Indian women. Read also about using castor oil for hair growth. 


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How to use neem oil on your hair

Nowadays you can choose from a variety of neem care products such as various shampoos, creams and masks. It is obvious there is also a wide choice of neem products for your hair that you can find in either online shops or stores. However, you can make your own neem shampoo by simply adding a small amount of neem oil to your regular shampoo.