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Uses for Macadamia Nut Oil: Where to Start From?

uses for macadamia nut oil

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Because of its composition and origin, the uses for macadamia nut oil are numerous and vast. Let’s have a glance at how to use macadamia nut oil.

Cooking purposes

Unique taste and texture of macadamia nut oil make it suitable for a number of uses in cooking. They include:

  • Frying

The smoking point of macadamia oil is 210oC which makes it perfect for frying and deep-frying. Because this oil does not burn so fast as the majority of other vegetable oils do, the food gets pleasant crust and color. Dr Oz explains the requirements for an ideal cooking oil, and macadamia oil fits all of them.

  • Salad dressing

Macadamia nut oil perfectly fits in a number of salad dressing recipes. It goes especially well with herbs and spices.

  • Dips and spreads

Macadamia oil has thick texture and can serve as dip for bread and chips. As well it has nutty pleasant taste that reminds of butter and therefore, macadamia oil can be a substitute for butter and margarine.

  • Baking

Because of its distinguished taste, macadamianut oil can add a unique flavor to your pastry by replacing butter or any other fats that you usually add.


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Cosmetic use

Macadamia nut oil is not only incredibly tasty but is also loaded with many beneficial and essential substances that our body needs.

  • Skin care

Macadamia oil contains palmitoleic acid which is similar to sebum in our skin. As we get older, the amount of sebum in our skin decreases and skin loses its strength. Since palmitoleic acid can substitute sebum, the application of macadamia nut oil will provide the skin with necessary substance and keep it healthy. In addition, macadamia oil is rich in vitamin E, which has numerous positive effects on skin. It has anti-oxidant properties, protecting the skin from free radical damage, eliminates spots and wrinkles and has anti-aging effect. You can apply macadamia oil directly on skin or add it to your diet according to what aim exactly you are following.

  • Hair care

As with skin, macadamia nut oil moisturizes the hair and skull skin, thus making the hair shiny and strong. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and by benefiting the skull skin, this oil contributes to hair growth as well. To use macadamia oil for hair, you can apply it as a mask, add other ingredients to it and also add this oil to your favorite shampoo.


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Health use

There is a number of reasons why to choose macadamia nut oil over other vegetable oils and why to include it in your diet. Its positive effects on health include:

  • Promoting cardiac health

Macadamia nut oil contains 85% of monounsaturated fats that lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol, according to Wikipedia. Thus this oil prevents such conditions as strokes or heart attacks.

  • Supplying the body with EFAs

Our body requires essential fatty acids that are responsible for our whole well-being. The most well-known EFAs are Omega 6 and Omega 3, which are perfectly balanced in ratio 1:1 in macadamia nut oil.