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Chamomile Oil for Skin: 5 Ways to Experience Its Instant Benefits

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Herbs aren’t used today as they were hundreds of years ago. Chamomile flowers are one of the most commonly used plants for treating illnesses and skin diseases. Today health stores offer us chamomile oil for skin treatment and aromatherapy.


What is chamomile oil?

Chamomile oil is extracted from chamomile flowers by steam distillation. According to Wikipedia there are two main species of chamomile: the German chamomile and the Roman chamomile. The oil is taken from both species, so you can find Roman chamomile oil as well as German chamomile oil. They are different in color, flavor and their benefits. German chamomile oil has a stronger effect because it has more chamazulene in its composition. Chamazulene possesses anti-inflammatory properties as Wikipedia states and makes chamomile oil effective for skin inflammation treatment.

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Benefits of chamomile oil for skin

Therapeutic effect

Both German and Roman chamomile oils have a strong therapeutic effect. They are considered antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. The Roman chamomile oil can also be used as anesthetic, antimicrobial, astringent and analgesic remedy.   Due to this healing effect both types of chamomile oil are used for treating acne and eczema, allergies and cuts, irritated or inflamed skin, boils and ulcers, dermatitis and rashes. Chamomile oil can:

  • Smooth and repair broken capillaries,
  • Promote cell regeneration,
  • Calm down burns, rashes and wounds.

Anti-aging action

As chamomile oil helps cell regeneration and granulation the oil is often added to skin care products with the anti-aging effect. It helps remove wrinkles and enhance skin.

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How to apply chamomile oil for skin

Chamomile oil for skin treatment is applied in several ways.

Blended massage oil

Add chamomile oil to carrier oil you usually use for massage, for example, almond oil or olive oil. Chamomile oil will calm down skin irritation and inflammation.

Lotion and cream

Add a few drops of the oil into your daily lotion or cream. The Roman chamomile oil is ideal for sunburn, diaper rash or ulcers. It will help soothe your skin, especially in winter. The German chamomile oil is used for allergy treatment.

Skin spray

As chamomile oil can be used for treating wind and sunburns you may make a chamomile skin spray. Add a few drops of chamomile oil to boiling water (1 cup). Then take a spray bottle and pour the chamomile liquid there. Spray it on the irritated skin several times a day.

Chamomile bath

Chamomile oil can be used as a bath ingredient. Add a few drops of the oil into the warm water. Chamomile ingredients will soothe away your skin diseases.


Roman chamomile oil blended with water is applied as a mouthwash for dental care.

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Chamomile oil is considered safe although it may provoke an allergy reaction. Take a skin test before applying chamomile oil for the first time, especially when you want to use the oil for children’s care. Important! Never use chamomile oil undiluted. Use a 2% dilution of chamomile oil for skin treatment. You may dilute the oil with other oils, creams, lotions or water. It will lessen the risk of sensitization.