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Hemp Oil for Skin: Discover its Benefits in Skin Care

hemp oil for skin


Among many purposes hemp oil is used for, one of the major ones is cosmetic, including body care. Hemp oil is a great skin care product, affecting it in such a beneficial way, that now this oil became one of the leaders in the market of cosmetic oils. We are going to have a look at the mechanism of its work and the levels hemp seed oil works at.

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Hemp seed oil health benefits for skin

There’s no doubt that skin is one of the most important organs in our body. It protects our internal organs and controls the level of water in the body. So it is especially important to take good care of our skin and not only keep it smooth and hydrated for beauty reasons, but also keep its well-being as a protection barrier for our body. And here we come to the question: how can that be done with the help of hemp oil?

To answer that question, we will have first to understand how our skin works. Its surface, called epidermis, is composed of skin cells, between which are lipids. As it is well-known, cells in our body are constantly dying and getting replaced, but this process can be well performed only if the skin is healthy and there is enough water in the cells. As well, if there is enough water, it is immediately reflected on our skin, making it smooth and silky.

Now talking about hemp seed oil, it contains lipids that are very similar to the ones in our body. Thus, when applied, the lipids of the oil lubricate the surface between skin cells and bring EFAs (essential fatty acids, which are around 80% in hemp oil) to our body. It has been proved that EFAs affect the skin aging and water balance of the skin.

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Beauty benefits of hemp seed oil for skin

Here are some more examples on what exactly the oil works for our skin, according to Natural News:

  • Anti-aging

As it has been mentioned, due to the EFA content, hemp seed oil can work as an anti-aging product for the skin. Of course, hemp oil is not a magic wand that will make your skin look the same as in the –teens, but it does have some effect on the overall look of the skin. It moisturizes, regenerates and revitalizes the skin, giving it a healthy smooth look. All this is done by hydrating the skin and giving the necessary fatty acids and vitamins to our body. As said above, if keeping the satisfactory water level, our skin becomes elastic and smooth. So it can be said the oil does not turn it back into young, but rather give it the look your skin deserves to have!

  • No blocking

Many oils stick to our skin or, what is worse, clog its pores (through which skin “breathes”). Hemp seed oil, on the contrary, does not do either of that, but assists to our body in absorbing the essential fatty acids.

  • Acne Fighting

If suffering from this problem, know that there is hemp oil acne treatment which may work for you.

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