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Rick Simpson and Hemp Oil: A Miracle?

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In 2003 a man called Rick Simpson was diagnosed with skin cancer. After receiving the news, he did not give up. Ric Simpson used hemp oil and cured the cancer. Impressed with the result he tried to tell his doctor about what had happened. However, the doctor was skeptical about the medicine Rick used, so after getting no support Rick himself founded “Phoenix Tears” helping sick people around the world by giving away the hemp seed oil to those in need.

The recipe of Rick Simpson’s hemp oil

The recipe for making Rick Simpson’s hemp oil is not that hard to follow. What you need are a pound of hemp, 2 plastic buckets (at least 1 gallon each) and solvent (99% isopropyl alcohol). Read also how to make avocado oil at home.

A brief description of the hemp seed oil making is as following:

  • Put dry hemp in a bucket and add some solvent to dampen the material. After that, pound hemp with a wooden clean stick.
  • Add some more solvent to cover hemp and then stir and crush for about 3 minutes.
  • Drain the liquid into the second bucket and repeat the previous procedure
  • Now drain the formed oil-solvent mixture into the second bucket as previously and then run it through coffee-machine filter, then drain it into a clean container.
  • Pour the liquid in a rice cooker (about ¾ filled) and put it on high. As it gets boiled off, add a bit more until all mixture is in the cooker.
  • At the end of boiling (when it is around 1 inch in the cooker) add a teaspoon of water in the mixture.
  • Pour the mixture in a stainless container and leave it on the coffee warmer until it stops bubbling.
  • After that, you can pour the oil in the bottle and let it cool down.


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Medicinal hemp oil

Not only does hemp oil helps to cure cancer, but it also may be used as a good painkiller and cure for a number of diseases, as Regenerative Nutrition states. The most common and well-known are PMS syndrome, cardiovascular diseases and neurodermitis.

However, there may be certain challenges with obtaining that medicine. Where to buy hemp oil? If to speak about Canada, a patient can get cannabis either from Health Canada organization that distributes cannabis under CannaMed brand (if the patient is approved) or he can get a license to grow his own cannabis for personal use and consumption. In the United States there are different laws for medical cannabis. Most of the states make medical hemp consumption barely legal, while others have it legalized.

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Where can you buy Rick Simpson’s hemp oil?

Unfortunately, Rick stopped providing oil, since he had to move to Europe and barely gets enough hemp for his own needs. Still, on his website people can read all necessary information and also purchase a book with detailed instructions on how to make hemp seed oil yourself.