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Take advantage of our numerous natural oil based recipes of homemade beauty and care products. Stay away from commercial products loaded with tons of cancerogenic chemicals!

Hemp Oil Soap Recipes for Natural Skin Care

hemp oil soap

Making a hemp soap at home is not such a difficult process as it may seem. However, few things have to be explained before starting. First let’s have a look at soap formation. According to Wikipedia, soap is formed by the reaction of an acid and an ...

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How to Make a Tea Tree Oil Toner By Yourself

tea tree oil toner

One of the best ways to apply tea tree oil on face on a daily basis is to make a tea tree oil toner at home. Tea tree oil is a natural fungicide and bactericide. It kills the bacteria causing skin problems including acne. So tea tree ...

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Antiseptic Effect of a Tea Tree Oil Spray: How to Make it

tea tree oil for sinus infection

Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties. It can be used for skin treatment as well as for house cleaning as a natural antiseptic and a cleaning agent as it is recommended on housecleaning-tips.com. People who tend to avoid chemicals for house cleaning usually make a tea tree ...

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Tea Tree Oil Shampoo: Recipes to Make at Home

tea tree oil toothpaste

It is easy to do a tea tree oil shampoo at home. As it is stated in Wikipedia tea tree oil contains compounds with strong antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Tea tree oil is considered effective for treating dandruff and itchy scalp. It is recommended to apply ...

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Does Sesame Oil Go Bad? A Question to Consider

does sesame oil go bad

In household you never know when certain products will come in handy and therefore, knowing their storage duration will help you save time and effort in deciding when to purchase them and in what quantity. When does sesame oil go bad?

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How to Make Avocado Oil at Home

ow to make avocado oil

Knowing how to make avocado oil you can spend quality time either with your friends or family or on your own.  Avocado oil is a highly valuable product both for cooking and cosmetic purposes. Due to the numerous avocado oil health benefits it is becoming very popular among ...

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Olive Oil Moisturizer: DIY Recipe

olive oil moisturizer

The ancient Greeks used olive oil moisturizer to keep their skin soft and smooth. The nourishing and moistening properties of olive oil have been known for ages. As Olive Oil Source states, olive oil deeply penetrates the skin and makes it healthy and gentle. Vitamins A and ...

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Macadamia Nut Oil Shampoo: Only Natural Treatment for Hair

macadamia nut oil shampoo

It is hard to keep the hair healthy and strong when everyday we are exposed to stress, pollution and environment, which harms our hair a lot.  Macadamia nut oil shampoo and conditioner made by yourself will povide your hair with a great number of benefits protecting it ...

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