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Take advantage of our numerous natural oil based recipes of homemade beauty and care products. Stay away from commercial products loaded with tons of cancerogenic chemicals!

3 Steps of How to Make Corn Oil at Home

how to make corn oil

When you know how to make corn oil at home you may get healthy oil. Unfortunately, the oil sold in the stores is extracted and refined using chemicals. Corn oil is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, beneficial for our skin, hair and metabolism.  It is applied for ...

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Grapeseed Oil and Skincare: 5 Easy ALL NATURAL Recipes

grapeseed oil skincare

  Grapeseed oil is a very popular ingredient in many recipes for homemade skin remedies. Due to its versatility, excellent emollient and diluting properties grapeseed oil can help solve various skin problems. In spite of prejudges against using oils for acne-prone and oily skin, grapeseed oil actually ...

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Natural Oral Care: Sea Buckthorn Oil for Healthy Teeth

Sea Buckthorn Oil for Healthy

  The health of our teeth and gums is incredibly important for the whole body well-being. It directly affects our digestive system, as the quality of the food that gets in the stomach depends on how well it has been chewed and crushed by our teeth. Well-chewed ...

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Avocado Oil for Skin: 5 Reasons Why and a Super Mask Recipe

avocado oil for skin

  Using avocado oil for skin treatment provides numerous benefits. First of all, it is completely natural source to moisten and nourish dry and itchy skin. It contains all the necessary nutrients to keep your skin young and healthy.  There are dozens of commercial products containing avocado ...

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Easy Olive Oil Soap Recipe

olive oil soap

  Olive oil soap has been used since ancient times to moisture and nourish the skin. The beneficial properties of olive oil have been found and used by the Egyptians and Romans long time ago. It has always been an essential ingredient in soap making. Olive oil ...

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Coconut Oil Moisturizer

coconut oil moisturizer

  Coconut oil is widely used in cooking nowadays, however its moistening properties has been known and taken advantage of for hundreds of years. Medium-chain fatty acids contained in coconut oil make it a perfect skin moisturizer that treats different kinds of skin problems.  Every day when ...

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Easy Olive Oil Shampoo Recipe

olive oil shampoo

  Olive oil shampoo greatly moisturizes and nourishes your hair and makes it strong and shiny, states MD-Health.Com. Olive oil totally penetrates the hair thus protecting it from the excess damage. It is widely used to treat split ends and flyaways. Due to the antioxidant properties of ...

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Easy Coconut Oil Deodorant Recipe

coconut oil deodorant

  The reason many people prefer natural home-made deodorants to commercial deodorants and antiperspirants is rather obvious – they are healthier and you know for sure what they are made from. The ingredients added to traditional deodorants are questionable and may be dangerous to your body. Commercial ...

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How to Make Coconut Oil By Yourself: Step By Step Guide

coconut oil DIY

Nowadays, it is a really widespread tendency to use only natural and healthy products for cooking.  More and more people these  days prefer coconut oil to any other ones available on market. How to make coconut oil?Despite the fact that there are decent products both in stores ...

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