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What is Grapeseed Oil? Sure that You are Buying Right Oils?

what is grapeseed oil

What is grapeseed oil? Grapeseed oil is what they extract from the seeds of grapes. Its content is rich in fatty acids, strong antioxidants and Vitamins E.

The main features of grapeseed oil

The University of Maryland Medical Center confirms that the antioxidants of grapeseed oil (tannins, proanthocyanidins, polyphenols, resveratrol and flavonoids) work against the destruction that free radicals have done.

The essential fatty acids help support the efficiency of cardiovascular function and thus they prevent heart diseases and atherosclerosis. According to Dr. Ralph Felder, author of “The Bonus Years Diet”, grapeseed oil significantly raises the “good” (HDL) cholesterol and lowers the “bad” (LDL) cholesterol along with triglycerides.

Grapeseed oil is also the remedy for various skin problems (acne, dermatitis, sun burns, age spots, wrinkles, stretch marks). According to Chinese Herbs & Co, the enzymes, lipids and antioxidants of the oil are able to restructure the epithelium and nerve cells of skin.

The smoke point (the temperature at which fats begin to break down and toxins come out) of grapeseed oil is very high – 420°F or 216°C, as the World’s Healthiest Foods states.

To achieve all the potential health benefits of grapeseed oil to a full degree only organic grapeseed oil should be obtained. The oil is called “organic” when the following rules are followed:

  • the oil is extracted from non-pesticide grape seeds;
  • no chemicals are used during the extraction;
  • no preservatives are added to the prepared product.

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The types of organic grapeseed oil

There are two “organic” types – cold pressed grapeseed oil and expeller pressed grapeseed oil. The main difference between them is the temperature at which the oil is derived from raw seeds.

Cold pressed grapeseed oil is made at temperatures below 140°F or 60°C. According to the World’s Healthiest Foods, cold pressed grapeseed oil preserves more antioxidants and nutrients than the oil derived using heat. But as the amount of the oil in grape seeds is small this method is not popular.

Expeller pressed grapeseed oil is released by high mechanical pressing and frictions at the temperature up to 180°F or 82°C.

The manufactures of grapeseed oil

The following most trusted food brands have only organic expeller pressed grapeseed oil for sale:

  • Aura Cacia Grapeseed Oil;
  • La Tourangelle Grapeseed Oil;
  • Bel Olio Grapeseed Oil;
  • Salute Sante Grapeseed Oil.

Aura Cacia Grapeseed Oil is solely for the skin care purposes. All the others manufacture the oil in larger packages for various functions. Some of the brands come in a metallic can (La Tourangelle Grapeseed Oil, Salute Sante Grapeseed Oil) to survive transportation.

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Where to buy grapeseed oil

The question “where can I buy grapeseed oil” is easy to answer. It can be obtained at a local health food store, i.e. at trusted and widespread Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods stores. Besides it is possible to buy grapeseed oil where aroma therapy related goods are sold.

Grapeseed oil for sale can also be found at internet-shops, e.g. amazon.com, alibaba.com, bulkoil.com, igourmet.com, soapgoods.com. Online they often offer organic grapeseed oil in bulk. It is a more profitable and convenient option to buy grapeseed oil in larger sizes.