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What is Neem Oil: All You Should Know of This Oil

what is neem oil

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What is neem oil? Neem has been known to Indians for centuries, but only recently it became familiar to the rest of the world. Perceived as a cure for almost all diseases, neem oil has really proven to be a great medical and cosmetic product, that could also be used as an insecticide and pet care product. So what is neem oil and where to buy neem oil?

Neem seed oil

As can be understood from the heading, neem seed oil is extracted by cold pressing method from the seeds of neem tree. This method includes oil extraction under low temperature, thus preserving its nutritional value. Even though Indians use all parts of neem tree, the most used product nowadays is the seed oil that can be used in many ways, from medical to household (read more about neem oil uses). In order to get the maximum value from the oil, it is advised to purchase and consumer organic and pure oil. That means the oil does not have any other substances in it and was extracted from the plant that has not been affected by any chemicals. This helps to ensure the consumer will get the best quality and the most benefit from such product.


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Neem oil extraction methods

In order to get the neem oil extract, few methods can be used:

  • Mechanical pressing

After neem fruits are collected, kernels and fruit body are separated, and then the kernels are dried with woven. After that, kernels are pressed in a machine and the oil is extracted with the following filtration to clean it from unwanted particles.

  • Steam pressing

When steam method is applied, the dried kernels are put in a steam boiler and are affected by the boiler pressure. This allows the oil to be squeezed out of kernels without pressure, and the same filtration as after mechanical pressure occurs.

  • Solvent extraction

In this case solvent (petrol, for example) is added to the kernels for oil extraction, also pressing may be applied if needed.

  • Cold pressing

The most popular method, that preserves nutritional value of the oil, is pressing the kernels under low temperatures with granite millstones or steel stainless presses. Find out how to make almond oil at home by cold pressing.


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Where can I buy neem oil?

After being introduced to this oil, the question that may occur is where it can be found. Good news is that nowadays neem oil can be found in a huge number of stores and online shops.

This company provides Ayurvedic natural products that have USDA organic mark, ensuring highest quality. You can find neem oil in the online shop of their website and unfortunately, only online shopping of Banyan Botanicals products is available.

The online distributor of neem products, Neem King offers a huge choice, not limiting itself on personal care products only. The website shop also includes pet spray and gardening products such as a neem oil spray against insects. Adding to this, a whole choice of oil, soaps and dental care products is displayed. Read how to make a neem oil soap at home.