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3 Ways to Apply Tea Tree Oil for Eczema

tea tree oil for eczema

Eczema as Wikipedia notes is a persistent skin condition, which symptoms include skin rashes and dryness. Rashes caused by the eczema exhibit crusting, itching, cracking, blistering, flaking or oozing. Natural remedies such as tea tree oil for eczema usually show good results. Doctors often prescribe corticosteroids, but they have side effects and not always successful. How to use tea tree oil for ezema prevention and treatment to achieve results?

Tea tree oil bath for eczema

Mix 10 drops of tea tree oil and 1 tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil (it is better to choose a reliable olive oil brand) and add them to warm bath water.  Soak areas with eczema for at least 20 minutes. Tea tree oil has antiseptic and skin-soothing properties so it will reduce inflammation and olive oil will moisturize the skin. The tea tree oil bath should be repeated three times a day.

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Tea tree oil cream

Tea tree oil can help the nutrients from natural creams penetrate easier and deeper into the membranes of the skin. Choose creams free of petroleum products and chemicals because eczema is often allergen-related.  Add 25 drops of tea tree oil to 1 cup of the selected cream. Shake well. Is tea tree oil safe for babies? You can use this cream for babies and children, but halve the amount of tea tree oil.  Use only topically on the affected areas.

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Straight tea tree oil

Full strength tea tree oil application for eczema usually gives relief from burning and itching associated with eczema. Just add 3-5 drops on a cotton ball and put onto the outbreaks. Severely irritated skin can react adversely to undiluted tea tree essential oil. It is recommended to dilute tea tree oil with some carrier oil, for example, olive or almond one, before application. As the skin is usually dry in case of eczema the dilution of tea tree oil with carrier oil is even preferable. Add tea tree oil to olive oil moisturizer.