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Bulk Coconut Oil: Worth Buying?

bulk coconut oil

Bulk coconut oil is convenient when you use a lot of coconut oil. Often people complain that coconut oil is very expensive and avoid using it notwithstanding its health benefits. They say it not only has a high price, but also is packed in small jars, which contain coconut oil only for using several times. Their need for oil outgrows the size of the jars. Thus, they have to go to the store again and again. It takes time and it’s easier for them to use familiar butter and olive or vegetable oils. We want to offer a way out for them – bulk coconut oil. Bulk coconut oil is sold in large containers at a much cheaper price and it is very convenient to purchase it.

Bulk coconut oil brands and stores

The easiest way to get bulk coconut oil is to buy in online (read more where to buy coconut oil). There are several famous brands that sell bulk coconut oil in the USA as well as in Australia, Canada and Philippines.

  1. Bulkapothecary. This brand sells pure coconut oil in bulk, of food grade. They guarantee the best price and can sell any quantity, from 1 lb to 100,000 lb.
  2. Jedwards International Inc. Jedwards is a wholesale supplier and sells bulk virgin organic coconut oil for a lot of uses in the cosmetic, food and nutritional supplement branches of industryю
  3. Tropical Traditions sells bulk coconut oil in 1 gallon and 5 gallon pails. There is expeller-pressed coconut oil, organic virgin coconut oil, expeller-pressed pure coconut oil and many others in their online-store. The choice is very wide and can satisfy any needs.
  4. Nutiva. Nutiva is considered different from other brands because they press the oil within 10 hours after the coconut is cut open. It adds the oil a special coconut flavor. There are virgin and raw extra-virgin coconut oils in the store. Find out how to choose coconut oil.
  5. Artisana. It is one of the most widely-known brands of coconut oil. They produce oil with one of the purest coconut tastes.
  6. Titan Organics, Nature’s Way, Barlean’s Organic Oils, Vitacost brand sell bulk coconut oil as well. You can buy their oil and coconut oil of all brands in online store Amazon at any time.

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Pros and сontras

Bulk coconut oil has its advantages and disadvantages. The pluses of bulk coconut oil are

  • Cheap price in comparison with small jars
  • No need to do frequent shopping
  • Few chances that your favorite coconut oil will be over when you need it.


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The minus of bulk coconut oil is its plastic packaging. If coconut oil is stored in cheap plastic, it will take on a plastic taste and smell.  Coconut oil can be corrosive. So if you buy large amounts of coconut oil, you should buy it in non-corrosive HDPE food-grade pails. And don’t leave it open while storing.

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    Coconut oil has many benefits. I would like to
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