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Burpless Fish Oil or Fish Oil in Capsules

burpless fish oilBurpless fish oil is a good choice for those who dislike the taste or odor of fish oil. Modern market offers fish oil in capsules, thus eliminating the odor and taste of the product.

Burpless fish oil

Fish oil supplements in the form of capsuls become burpless and don’t have any odor.

According to Wikipedia, there are 3 types of fish oil: brown, yellow and white. The one, which is in capsules, is used for medical purposes and belongs to the third type. But at the same time, enteric coated fish oil fully preserves its properties. Each capsule contains 500 mg of oily transparent liquid, which is extracted from fish liver. Soft capsules are made of gelatin and glycerin. Their shape and size are designed for easy use by adults and children.

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The benefits of enteric coated fish oil

Accordign to MedLinePlus, fish oil burpless supllements have a row of benefits for health. Due to its fatty acids, fish oil is considered to be a natural remedy for stress and depression (read more about fish oil and anxiety). The consuming of fish oil in capsules during pregnancy has a great impact not only on a woman’s health but also on her future child development. Fish oil is rich in vitamins; in this case it is suggested to take it during allergies. Also fish oil in capsules helps to strengthen the eye muscles and helps improve visual acuity. Besides, these healing capsules can increase the efficiency of the brain functioning.

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How to take fish oil

If fish oil is sold in capsules, we are to take it as it is directed on the package. Depending on the size of capsules, the doze varies from two to six pieces at one reception. The intensity of the course depends on the kind of treated condition. It is better to determine the duration of fish oil using with the doctor. It is advisable to take fish oil during meal. Keep it in a dark place at a temperature of +10 º C.

We should not forget that fish oil as well as any drug has contraindications. If the content of vitamin D in the body exceeds the norm, it would be better to give up this drug (find out the interrelation of fish oil and vitamin D). You should not take it in the case of problems with the thyroid gland. There are other contraindications, such as acute and chronic liver disease, chronic renal failure, kidney stones and gallstones, and idiosyncrasy.

Fish oil, of course, is not the panacea for all diseases, but it’s a good and reliable tool. We should not forget that this is a medication, and before starting taking it, you need to consult a doctor.