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Oils Nutrition Profiles

We gathered together the most popular cooking oils’ nutrition profiles to help you plan your diet and nutrition better.

Walnut Oil: a Step to Your Health

walnut oil

Today walnut oil is highly recommended for consumption as it is considered to have a lot of benefits for our health. It promotes the work of our cardiovascular system and nervous system, helps control cholesterol level and even prevent cancer. But what walnut oil is better for ...

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Walnut Oil as Omega-3 Fats Supplier

walnut oil omega 3

Walnut oil as omega-3 fats supplier is highly recommended by dietologists for consumption and by cosmetologists for topical use. Why is walnut oil beneficial?  Are there any harmful elements in walnut oil? Let’s analyze the oil composition and find out why we are advised to include walnut ...

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Grapeseed Oil vs Canola Oil: Pros and Cons

Grapeseed oil vs canola oil

Recently, grapeseed oil has become rather popular starting the arguing on topic “grapeseed oil vs. canola oil”. Each oil has its own advantages and disadvantages. As closer comparison shows both of them should find their places on your kitchen shelves. No oil can be used for every ...

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Types of Flaxseed Oil: Choose the Best for You

types of flaxseed oil

There are a lot of types of flaxseed oil in the market.  Flaxseed oil is obtained from flax seeds and possesses a large amount of health benefits. As Wikipedia states, it contains omega-3 fatty acids, including alpha-linolenic acid ALA, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease ...

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What is Hemp Seed Oil: Wrong Associations but Right Product

what is hemp seed oil

What is hemp seed oil? Most people get wrong associations with the mention of hemp oil. However, hemp oil has been with people throughout long history and proved itself as a valuable product beneficial for health. Nowadays it is widely used in both food preparation and medicine, ...

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Hemp Seed Oil Nutrition Facts: Everything about the Oil

hemp seed oil nutrition facts

Hemp seed oil nutrition facts show that the oil is a rich source of substances, necessary for our body. It is considered a perfect natural product for consumption and it works on many levels, improving our well-being and preventing diseases. Here are some facts about what exactly ...

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