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Hemp Seed Oil Nutrition Facts: Everything about the Oil

hemp seed oil nutrition facts

Hemp seed oil nutrition facts show that the oil is a rich source of substances, necessary for our body. It is considered a perfect natural product for consumption and it works on many levels, improving our well-being and preventing diseases. Here are some facts about what exactly is included in the composition of this oil.

Hemp seed oil nutrition facts

  • The balance of fatty acids

According to Hemp Line Journal, hemp oil contains both Omega 6 and Omega 3 in a ratio 3:1, and it was considered perfect by World Health Organization. These fatty acids restore our health and improve the immune system. By the way, hemp seed oil contains around 80% fatty acids, which is the highest percentage among all oils.

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  • EFAs supply

Essential fatty acids (omega fats) are substances that are necessary for our optimal health, but our body does not produce them. What is the solution then? Consumption of EFAs is the key, and the best way is to find products with the best EFA amount in them. Good news is that hemp seed oil has all EFAs that are necessary for us. And these fatty acids not only improve our health and well-being, but also prevent heart diseases, high levels of cholesterol and blood pressures and provide many other hemp oil benefits.

Another important note about hemp oil here is that it can serve as an alternative to fish. It is known that certain sorts of fish contain Omega 3 and therefore, they are highly recommended for consumption. However, fish may contain toxins, which cannot be found in hemp oil. In addition, hemp seed oil is also a good choice for those who prefer vegetarian diet. Find out about other fish oil substitutes.

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  • GLA source

Linoleic acid in our bodies is converted into gamma-linoleic acid, or GLA, the level of which greatly affects our health. The lack of GLA may result in a number of illnesses, so it is important to keep the optimal level. However, for many people their bodies do not produce sufficient GLA amount, so the solution is to take this fatty acid as a dietary supplement. Hemp seed oil is the only oil with proper GLA amount of 1-4%. There are, of course, few other oils that contain GLA, but their unattractive taste makes it hard to consume them as easily as you can consume hemp oil.