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Underestimated Hemp Oil Benefits

hemp oil benefits

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In this article we are going to have a closer look at the hemp oil benefist and find out why it is so good for us. Hemp seed oil has proved itself as one of the most beneficial oils for our consumption. It is a source of variety of fatty acids and minerals that are so important for human body. 

Nutrition facts

With our everyday diet, our bodies quite often lack many important substances. And therefore, a number of diseases develop. Hemp seed oil is considered one of the best edible oils due to its outstanding composition and hemp seed oil nutrition profile.

According to Wikipedia, this oil has Omega 6 and Omega 3, balanced in perfect ratio (3:1). It also includes a number of essential fatty acids, again in a perfect composition for our consumption. Hemp seed oil can actually be used as an alternative to fish, because of Omega 3 included and also because it doesn’t have any toxins, that you can find in fish. Among other hemp seed oil benefits are minerals and vitamins, essential for our bodies, such as magnesium, iron, vitamin D and vitamin E. In addition, hemp seed oil greatly increases the level of melatonin in our bodies. Melatonin is responsible for our well-being and healing abilities. And now that we’ve looked at the composition of this oil, let’s see which diseases hemp seed oil can cure.

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Health benefits

According to Your Hemp Guide, Hemp Basics, Regenerative Nutrition, there are a number of hemp oil health benefits. Firstly, hemp oil is a good painkiller. As an example we can take PMS. Many women during that period are not even being able to stand up, experiencing strong pain and irritation. However, one tablespoon of hemp seed oil tends to significantly improve the symptoms. Why is that happening? Studies show that during PMS women suffer from a disorder of fatty acid metabolism and as we remember, hemp seed oil is a rich source of these acids. It can be compared to flaxseed oil for women.

Another matter this oil can improve is cardiovascular diseases. By consuming a lot of cholesterol, we promote the formation of arterial plaques in our blood vessels. Excessive smoking and stress also aid in developing this disease. Hemp seed oil, containing linoleic acid and GLA, can greatly decrease the cholesterol level and therefore, prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.

And last, but not least thing  to be mentioned is neurodermitis and how it can be cured with hemp seed oil. Patients with neurodermitis suffer from huge water loss and constant itching. Hemp oil benefits for skin. Being a great moisturizer, it creates a barrier on skin surfaces, regulating the level of water in the organism and can be applied both externally and orally.

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Hemp seed oil is a great product that can be consumed either as a medicine, or as salad topping or additive to food. Try various hemp oil recipes! The health benefits of hemp seed oil are numerous and it is a pleasant and easy way to make your life healthier and happier!