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Jojoba Oil Benefits for Your Health: It is Worth Trying

jojoba oil benefits

Jojoba oil benefits for the skin and hair. This product is obtained from jojoba plants. In fact, the oil – is a melted wax, which is produced from the seeds of jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is a natural odorless oil of light golden color. In spite of its availability and low cost, jojoba oil has a number of other benefits.

Health benefits of jojoba oil

According to JojobaOilBenefits, JojobaOilForSkin.Org and JojobaOilForHair.Org the oil has numerous posotive activities for our body.

  • Jojoba oil is not toxic and rarely causes an allergic reaction.
  • It contains large amounts of vitamin E, which prevents the emergence of wrinkles on the skin.
  • Jojoba oil also acts as a natural antioxidant. It is effectively used to reduce inflammation of the skin and can kill some skin bacteria.
  • Oil product moisturizes the skin without blocking its pores 
  • Jojoba oil is so widely applied for skin and hair, because its chemical components have a striking resemblance to human sebum, an oily substance that softens our skin and hair. (Read more about jojoba oil for hair)
  • Provides moisture for the whole day – jojoba oil does not volatilize like many water-based moisturizers.
  • It is very stable – jojoba oil does not become rancid and doesn’t lose the antioxidant properties even after prolonged storage.
  • Easily absorbed.


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Disadvantages of jojoba oil

  • It may be more expensive, especially when certified as organic.
  • In larger quantities – over 10 drops – can add luster to the skin.


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The uses of jojoba oil

Wikipedia and WebMD inform about possible applications of jojoba oil.

  • Moistening. Try to add a few drops (optimally 6 drops) of jojoba oil at a portion of your organic moisturizing cream to turn it into a super jojoba oil moisturizer,
  • Make-up removal. Because of the fact that jojoba oil does not cause irritation of the eye and it is non-allergenic, you can apply it to remove eye make-up. It is also easily removes tonal foundation, blush and lipstick.
  • Lips balm. Use jojoba oil as a lip balm. It is as good as almond oil for lips. Just put a few drops on your finger and apply to the lips. This is especially good to do before night.
  • Hair conditioner. You can add a few drops of jojoba oil to organic portion of your air conditioner and apply to hair. You can also put it on damp hair before blow-dry. In addition, you can rub it into dry hair to give it shine. Jojoba oil moisturizes the scalp and helps to prevent dandruff.
  • Shaving. For a more pleasant shave, apply jojoba oil to the area, which will be shaved, and then put the organic agent for shaving. It will help to prevent irritation and will keep skin soft and well hydrated.
  • Massage oil. It is great massage oil without comedogenic effect.

As you can see, the benefits of jojoba oil are great. It can be applied in various ways. So it only remains to choose the right products, because it is necessarily to be consisted of only organic substances.