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Hemp Oil: Eczema Remedy That Will Astonish You

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Hemp oil as eczema treatment oil is efficient as it affects the skin in different ways. According to Wikipedia, eczema (atopic dermatitis) combines two bad diseases at the same time: skin inflammation and allergy. It is not caused because of any allergen, but may develop conditions, typical for allergy, like asthma. Add painful itching and dry skin to it, and this is what eczema is like. Of course, there are many products in the market that successfully treat eczema, but hemp oil is undoubtedly leading among them. Why is so?

Hemp oil and eczema

Hemp oil is a wonderful product for the treatment of many diseases, including skin ones, as Nutra Ingredients states. But its role is not limited by moisturizing only. Below are the explanations, why hemp seed oil is so effective on eczema and what is happening when the oil is consumed.

  • Moisturizing

This is one of the most vital things needed in eczema treatment. Patients with this disease do not have enough water in the skin cells, which causes the damage of the natural skin barrier and misbalance of water loss regulation. Hemp seed oil has a lot of benefits for skin. It does not only hydrates the skin, but also helps to cure skin cells and the functioning of this barrier. In between skin cells are lipids (fats) that are hydrating and lubricating them. Therefore, the lack of the lipids will lead to the skin disease development.

Hemp seed oil, containing huge number of fatty acids, also contains compounds that closely resemble skin lipids. So when hemp oil is consumed or applied, it does not just cover the skin surface, but penetrates in between skin cells, performing the same function lipids do, and also saturate our body with EFAs. As a result, skin becomes smooth and elastic, and in eczema case, itching and inflammation reduces rapidly.

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  • Waste expel

Hemp contains fiber, and fiber is known as a brush for waste products in our body. So when consuming hemp seed oil, its fiber emits toxins and other waste from the patient’s body, which is also very important while curing eczema.

  • Adding some protein

Protein that is contained in hemp is considered if not the best, then one of the best. Firstly, hemp oil has Edestin and Albumin. Edestin is good for digestion, while Albumin functions as a janitor for the body-it eliminates allergens and therefore, greatly aids in curing eczema. Also, hemp protein helps rebuilding skin tissues and eliminating tissues with scars.

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  • Some more substances

On top of that, hemp seed oil has some important nutrients such as Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamin A and Sulfur.


As explained above, hemp seed oil is a great treatment for fighting eczema. It can be taken internally or externally (applied on skin and bandaged). However, hemp oil has side effects so before treatment it is necessary to consult your doctor and make an individual treatment plan that suits you the best.

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  • mhikl

    What a concluding paragraph!
    MDs are well versed in chemicals and ignorant in Heath via nutrition. My sister asked her new MD about magnesium; I have suggested she take it regularly over the years. He said “We don’t know much about that. Best to talk to your pharmacist.”
    The indoctrination of the medical profession is near complete.
    If you have a hernia, see your doctor. But when interested in health and nutrition, study widely. Doctors don’t even live as long as the average. When they think calcium is the bees’ knees, and don’t know that magnesium is the Great Regulator of the electrolyte family, their ignorance on health is not such a surprise.

    • bptr

      And they get paid loads to be ignorant drug dealers.
      If my parents were on the ball, they would have encouraged me to get an M.D.