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5 Sunflower Oil Substitutes

sunflower oil substitutes


Most recipes require plant-based liquid oils as one of the ingredients. Sunflower oil is one of the most common oils for cooking. It is light in its flavor and texture so it does not overpower other ingredients in a dish. The oil has a smoke point of 232°C (450°F) what is suitable for high-temperature cooking. It is high in Vitamin E, in unsaturated fats and low in saturated fats. Overall, sunflower oil is valuable versatile oil for general cooking use, especially for frying.  

Usually you can substitute one type of oil for another. Still, there is no total freedom when interchanging recipe liquid fats.


The basic principles of sunflower oil substitution

  1. Find out what has a significant meaning while cooking a dish, i.e. its flavor, the high temperature of preparation. This defines a viable substitute for sunflower oil. The higher the temperature of preparation the higher the smoke point of substituting oil must be. Sometimes there is no need in additional odor which substituting oils can bring.
  2. Wikipedia has the table of oil types and their characteristics. It is convenient for the comparing of the main oils characteristics and finding the most suitable sunflower oil substitute. 
  3. Check the fatty acid composition of oils. Sometimes a significantly different fat content can mess up a delicate recipe.


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The possible substitutes for sunflower oil

The followong data is based on Wikipedia, GourmetSleuth, eHow.

1. Safflower oil

As well as sunflower oil safflower oil is light with a mild taste. The characteristics of the two oils are very similar. Safflower oil is suitable for cooking at high temperatures with the smoke point of 266°C (510°F).

2. Corn oil

The taste of corn oil is mild. Still it noticeably complements dish without overpowering its original flavor and taste. Its smoke point – 232°C (450°F) is identical to the one of sunflower oil.

3. Extra-light olive oil

Only the most processed and light in its flavor olive oil can become sunflower oil substitute. Other types of olive oil have a robust flavor, which is not always suitable for a recipe. The smoke point of extra-light olive oil is 242°C (468°F). 

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4. Canola oil

It is very neutral flavored oil with the smoke point of 204°C (400°F), Therefore, it is preferable to use the oil for salad dressing and lower-temperature cooking. The main benefit of canola oil is the presence of Omea-3 fatty acids in its fat composition.

 5. Refined avocado oil

The more it is refined the less avocado flavor comes through. The oil has one of the highest smoke points – 271°C (520°F) and that is perfect for frying.