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The Coconut Oil Miracle

coconut oil miracle

Coconut oil miracle has been widely discussed recently. The reason for it is rather obvious. It has so many beneficial impacts on human health, that someone may even think coconut oil is a cure-all. Although it cannot cure everything, coconut oil has such numerous advantages, that they can no longer be ignored. Formerly mistakenly claimed to be harmful for human health, coconut oil now regains its place as a valuable ingredient in food, medicine and health care industry.

The reason coconut oil has been forgotten for a while and even called bad and unhealthy is its saturated fat substance. Most of saturated fats contained in meat and some vegetables can increase cholesterol level. This may cause heart disease as well as hardening of the arteries, and strokes. In contrast to them, coconut oil has a different structure which makes it not only be able to prevent from the above mentioned diseases, but to be highly beneficial in a number of other health issues. Resent researches in this area show that coconut oil can improve digestion and nutrient absorption, protect against different kinds of infections, be very helpful in osteoporosis prevention and much more. All this leads us to a conclusion that coconut oil miracle is no longer a myth nowadays.

Below is an incomplete list of the coconut oil’s benefits for human health, based on the data of Coconut Research Center, Wikipedia:

Coconut oil and skin

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Coconut oil, digestion and absorption

  • If used internally coconut oil improves digestive system and therefore protects from digestion and stomach problems
  • Anti-microbial properties of saturated fats that coconut oil contains help in treating different kinds of bacteria and parasites
  • Coconut oil improves absorption of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. As it helps to absorb minerals need by bones, it prevents from osteoporosis

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Coconut oil, infections and heart

  • Coconut oil improves healing abilities of our immune system and fights different types of infection. It can be of benefit in liver and kidney disease treatment as well as in struggling with the flu, bladder infections or herpes, just to name a few
  • Unlike most of the saturated fats, coconut oil helps to control and limit the cholesterol level and blood pressure. That’s is why it can decrease the risk of heart disease and diabetes

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Other useful properties