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Coconut Oil and Weight Loss

coconut oil weight loss


Most people keeping to a diet to lose weight avoid fat. They believe that fat contains a lot of calories and lead to overweight. However, calories are not the only thing necessary to lose or gain weight. The fact is that coconut oil contains a special type of fat. It has medium-chain triglycerides that can help you with the task of weight loss


Increasing Metabolism

We recommend coconut oil for weight loss because it can increase metabolism in the body. Very often extra weight is a result of people’s slow metabolism. Then their bodies need fewer calories than people with a fast metabolism need. Researches have shown that medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil in comparison with long-chain triglycerides of olive oil, for example, speed up metabolic processes and help the body burn calories.

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Giving the Feeling of Fullness

To lose weight you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. Hunger often prevents from losing weight effectively. If you consume coconut oil weight loss can be easier. Keeping to a coconut diet makes you feel full. Coconut oil gives the feeling of satiety the absence of which usually interferes with the process of weight loss. Researches comparing the influence of various fats on satiety show that substituting medium-chain fatty acids contained in coconut oil for long-chain fatty acids contained in canola oil, olive oil and other vegetable oils decreases energy intake due to the participants’ feeling of satiety.


Decreasing Fat Deposits

One more benefit of coconut oil for weight loss is its property not to be stored as fat. The main fat of coconut oil medium-chain triglycerides assimilate well by our body. They are absorbed quicker than other fats directly from the gastrointestinal system. So coconut oil is more likely to be consumed for energy than other vegetable oils. The quick absorption leads to increase in energy expenditure. Your body won’t store fat from coconut oil and weight loss will be the result of it.


Usage of Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

You can see that coconut oil and weight loss are interconnected. When you use coconut oil weight loss is facilitated as coconut oil boosts metabolic speed, reduces your appetite and lessens fat deposits in the body. Moreover, coconut oil has a lot of health benefits and your body will be grateful for it. Just substitute coconut oil for part of your current oils and fats, diversify your nutrition with a coconut oil diet. You’d better use virgin unrefined coconut oil as it is more beneficial and all the same stable at high temperatures and can be used for vegetables sautéing, frying meat, fish and eggs or baking. Remember when you are hungry you can eat a spoon of coconut oil and weight loss won’t be stopped as coconut oil calories will be easily used for energy, not for fat storage.


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