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Try Castor Oil for Dark Circles

castor oil for dark circles

Is castor oil for dark circles effective? Many people suffer from dark circles under the eyes. This condition has a lot of reasons and can happen to almost all of us. Dark circles make us look stressed out and older. There are some commercial remedies to get rid of dark circles but the practice shows that natural products are often more efficient and less harmful. Castor oil for dark circles is one of the natural products that will aid you in getting rid of these problems. Almond oil is also effective for drk circles.

Castor oil for the skin under your eyes

It is recommended to use castor oil for dark circles as the oil possesses a number of properties beneficial for these bags removal. The oil is a source of fatty acids. According to Wikipedia the ricinoleic acid, the main component of castor oil, has a strong healing effect. It is anti-inflammatory, thus it can calm down inflammation around the eyes.


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In comparison with most commercial eye creams around the eyes and masks against dark circles castor oil has no chemicals. Choose cold-pressed organic castor oil for dark circles to avoid all possible chemicals on your skin. Castor oil is cheap so it is much more preferable than eye creams.


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Application of castor oil for dark circles

It is very easy to diminish dark circles with castor oil:

  1. In the evening after cleaning the face put some amount of castor oil on the area around our eyes. You will need just a few drops as the oil is thick. Don’t rub too much.
  2. Leave the oil overnight. Castor oil will work when you sleep.
  3. In the morning wash out castor oil. The oil may prevent you from applying makeup.
  4. Repeat regularly. It is a natural product so it needs time to see the results. If you use the oil daily for 4 weeks your skin will look younger and dark circles will diminish.
  • Julie Crites

    How can you say castor oil has no chemicals? Ricinoleic acid (C₁₈H₃₄O₃) IS a chemical substance.