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Fish oil Benefits for Men: 16 Reasons Why Men Should Take it

fish oil for men

Old and partially forgotten remedy – fish oil is popular again nowadays. It’s associated with miraculous properties and ability to treat almost all diseases. So what has changed? What are the benefits of fish oil for men?

Omega-3 fats in fish oil

Fish oil is very useful for men of all ages. It helps perform certain functions of the body and helps treat various diseases. Why fish oil? This question is raised by a great amount of people. In our turn, we will help to answer it. At first, this is because of omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for the 1)regulating of metabolism. According to the National Institutes of Health, 2)omega-3 fatty acids regulate the cardiovascular system, 3)promote proper blood circulation and 4)remove toxins from the blood. Omega 3 fatty acids also 5)improve vision and 6)brain health.

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Benefits of fish oil for men

Fish oil for men is a great benefit, because fish oil contains acids EPA and DHA, which are important for the functioning of male body. Men suffering from 7)hypertension are recommended to eat fish oil regularly. Fish oil 8)reduces the level of cholesterol (read more how fish oil lowers cholesterol). It 9)strengthens the arteries and thereby 10)helps prevent heart attack. Men are more inclined to heart attacks than women, so the Omega 3 fatty acids are more important for them. Healing properties of fish oil are similar to those of flax-seed. Male vegetarians are also recommended to eat fish oil regularly. Fish oil is 11)very useful while suffering rheumatoid arthritis; it significantly alleviates pain and reduces the severity of the other symptoms of arthritis.

Men, like women, want their skin to be beautiful and healthy. Fish oil 12)restores skin cells, and helps to protect them against sunburn and UV rays. Also it can relieve the painful skin condition like psoriasis. Fish oil 13)prevents inflammation of the prostate, and significantly reduces the risk of prostate disease, as Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center states.

Taking fish oil for men is very important if he smokes. Fish oil 14)protects the smoker’s lungs from emphysema, which eventually leads to severe respiratory failure. Fish oil is 15)the first drug from depression, which usually occurs due to a lack of serotonin and omega 3 fatty acids in the body (find out how to use fish oil for depression treatment). Its regular use 16)slows the processes leading to dementia, memory loss and the development of senile. It significantly reduces stress aggressiveness, which may cause spasms of the heart.

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Attention needed

Remember! Some fish, especially grown for commercial use, may contain heavy metals such as mercury. Such fish and fish oil can damage human body.

In spite of the importance of fish oil for men, the admission of it should be no more than three courses a year. A surplus of vitamins A and D is also bad for the human body. The dosage of fish oil in capsules depends on their size and is usually indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging. As a rule, for prophylaxis adults can take one to two capsules three times a day or two spoons a day.


There are some contraindications, the presence of which requires careful application of fish oil or even complete refusal of it:

  • Allergic reactions to fish;
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland;
  • Diseases of urinary system and kidneys;
  • The active form of tuberculosis;
  • The high content of calcium in the blood;
  • High cholesterol level in the blood;
  • Pregnancy, lactation (read more about fish oil and pregnancy).