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Your Guide to Castor Oil Hair Treatment

castor oil hair treatment

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We often hear of castor oil as a laxative, but we also can use castor oil for hair treatment. The oil benefits hair making it manageable, thick and shiny. What are other benefits of castor oil for hair treatment?

Benefits of castor oil for hair treatment

  1. Mosturizing  and nourishing. The reason why castor oil is so popular for hair care is the presence of ricinoleic acid.  According to Wikipedia ricinoleic acid is an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid. It helps moisturize and nourish the hair.
  2. Antimicrobial and antifungal actions. Morever, ricinoleic acid possesses the anti-inflammatory properties. The oil will calm down the inflammation on your scalp and treat bacterial and fungal diseases. Besides ricinoleic acid, castor oil has undecylenic acid that is antifungal according to Wikipedia. Healthy scalp and healthy hair follicles will contribute to the growth of strong hair and prevent hair loss.
  3. Hair growth. Castor oil will benefit the growth of healthy thicker hair as the oil can hide the damage caused to the hair, nourish the hair follicles with nutrients and help retain moisture in the hair. In addition, castor oil also stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. So castor oil for hair loss prevention is used.
  4. Dandruff treatment. As castor oil possesses the healing properties it is a perfect remedy to get rid of dandruff. The oil should be mixed with jojoba oil for dandruff treatment.


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How to apply castor oil to hair

The main rule of how to apply castor oil to hair in comparison with other oils is that the oil should be applied not on the hair itself but to the roots and scalp. Castor oil is very thick and it is difficult to rinse it from the hair. It is recommended to mix castor oil with lighter oils to make its density lighter. You may use jojoba oil, olive oil, almond oil or extra-virgin coconut oil. Essentials oils like rosemary oil or lavender oil are also good additives to castor oil for hair treatment. You may make a castor oil shampoo or a mask.


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Castor oil hair mask

Once or twice a week you may make a castor oil hair mask to treat your scalp diseases, to cure unmanageable and brittle hair or split ends. This mask will also repair dry hair making it shiny and strong. You will need ¼ cup of castor oil and the same amount of water for this castor oil hair mask.

Step 1

Warm up the castor oil. For this put the container with castor oil in warm water. Then add water to the container and mix everything.

Step 2

Apply the mixture to the scalp and hair with your fingertips massaging the scalp and distribute the oil evenly. You may use a comb to apply castor oil.

Step 3

Cover the head with a shower cap and a towel. Leave the oil on the hair for at least 40 minutes. For intensive hydration leave the mask overnight.

Step 4

To remove this hair mask shampoo the hair as usual. It is likely to be difficult to rinse all the oil at once. Rinse the hair thoroughly with plenty of warm water.