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Sea Buckthorn Oil: Rosacea Treatment Topically and Internally

Sea Buckthorn Oil

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Sea buckthorn oil rosacea treatment method has become popular. Rosacea is a serious skin disease which is yet to be studied. Sea buckthorn oil lessens its symptoms. How to use sea buckthorn oil for rosacea? 

Introduction to rosacea

According to National Rosacea Society, rosacea is an inflammatory condition, characterized by skin thickening (however, it becomes more fragile), distinctly engorged blood vessels, papules, cysts and pimples and also skin redness and swelling. It is mostly observed among women and is believed to be caused by immune or hormonal disorders.

Since the origins or rosacea are yet to be discovered, there is no certain scientific background why it occurs, but the most common reasons are, as mentioned above, immune and hormonal imbalance also including gastrointestinal and hereditary origins. This disease mostly affects the face, but also may spread on neck, shoulders and even chest.

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Sea buckthorn oil and rosacea

Sea buckthorn oil has a number of features that have significant effect on the rosacea flow and its symptoms, eliminating and decreasing them, as SBT Seabuckthorn and Rosacea states.

  • Inflammation reduction

Sea buckthorn oil contains substances that significantly reduce swelling and irritation. Inflammation is a process that requires urgent skin cell repair. During the oil application, the skin gets essential fatty acids (Omega-7, for example) and antioxidants that assist in repairing skin tissue and making it healthier. Sea buckthorn oil for acne is also efficient.

  • Immune system moderation

During rosacea flow the immune system becomes particularly ardent, attacking not only affected skin but health tissue as well. Sea buckthorn oil moderates the immune system, decreasing its activity and therefore, protecting healthy tissues. Sea buckthorn oil has other benefits as well.

  • Antimicrobial effect

Sea buckthorn oil has an ability to eliminate and kill microbes and microscopic parasites, creating healthy, microbe-free environment, which has a great contribution to rosacea treatment.

  • Moisturizing effect

The key to healthy skin and to the skin disease treatment is moisturizing and keeping proper water balance in skin cells. Sea buckthorn oil hydrates the skin, provides it with EFAs and does not dry it (as a number of moisturizers do). Therefore, the application of oil on rosacea affected areas hydrates, softens and strengthens the skin, even reducing scarring. Read also about castor oil for scars diminishing.

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Treatment procedures

Since the reasons behind rosacea are not fully understand and doctors cannot name one or two particular reasons that cause this disease, it is believed that rosacea is a response of our body to the serious misbalance of immune and hormonal systems. Therefore, rosacea has to be treated both internally and externally, combining healthy diet, proper lifestyle and necessary medications.

Speaking about sea buckthorn oil, it is advised to apply it externally on the affected areas and also take it as a nutritional supplement to improve the immune system state. It is important to consult the doctor before starting any treatment, as only professional can help you compose the individual treatment plan, which will suit you the best.

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