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Sea Buckthorn Oil and Acne: Will it Help?

Sea Buckthorn Oil and Acne

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Sea buckthorn oil affects acne. Acne is one of the most common and recognizable diseases, especially frequent among teenagers. This disease is characterized by skin inflammation, resulting in rash, pustules and pimples. It is generally caused by hormone imbalance but as well can occur because of immune and hormone imbalances. This article will inform you on the subject of acne and why and how exactly sea buckthorn oil can be used for its treatment.

What is acne?

Our skin secrets oil and fat in order to cleanse and condition itself. However, all cells in our body constantly die and renew themselves, being replaced by new ones. So when dead cells are mixed with skin secretions, pores are getting blocked and acne occurs, as Wikipedia explains. It is represented by pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, pustules and inflammation. Acne usually occurs on the T-zone: forehead, nose and chin, but also can spread on neck and shoulders. The reasons behind acne, as mentioned above, are hormonal imbalance and also our diet, as certain products may stimulate acne development. For example, fiber has positive effect on acne, as it improves our endocrine system. Speaking about fats, good fats (like EFAs) contribute greatly to the skin health while saturated fats can actually stimulate acne development.

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Sea buckthorn oil effect on acne

Sea buckthorn oil is considered an efficient product for acne treatment as it has numerous benefits (all benefits of sea buckthorn oil here) that improve overall body state and reduce or eliminate the disease symptoms, as SBT Seabuckthorn Treating Acne Naturally.

  • Reduces inflammation

The nutrients in sea buckthorn oil significantly reduce redness, swelling and itching. As well it kills microscopic parasites and bacteria, serving as a disinfection product.

  • Balances hormones

The application of oil both internally and externally helps to regulate hormone system and balances endocrine system.

  • Moisturizes skin

In order for our skin to be healthy, proper water balance has to be kept in the skin cells. Sea buckthorn oil contains EFAs and nutrients that moisturize skin, provide it with necessary substances and make it elastic and strong. Use also coconut oil for acne treatment.

  • Eliminates bacteria

One of the features of sea buckthorn oil is that it eliminates and kills micro parasites and bacteria, which are present during acne flow.

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EFAs and acne

Essential fatty acids regulate water and waste transmission and play an important role for our skin health. Healthy skin cells are well hydrated and function as a barrier, keeping water in cells and letting waste products out. Therefore, if a person consumes enough EFAs, skin diseases may be prevented, as well as skin dehydration and dryness.

Speaking about acne, essential fatty acids help in preventing this disease and repairing the affected skin. They regulate the normal transference of cells, which influences the dissolution of fatty depositions. Since fatty depositions are dissolved, pores are not blocked, therefore the main reason for acne occurrence is eliminated. As well EFAs soften skin, which also decreases the chances of acne. Concerning sea buckthorn oil, it is rich in EFAs and is considered to be a leading acne treatment natural product.

  • Lilyrose

    It’s never been proven that saturated fat has anything at all to do with acne. In fact, saturated fat is good for people. That is the natural saturated fat is good for people. Fat is the only thing that does not spike blood sugars.