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What is the Best Krill Oil on the Market?

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Krill oil, according to Wikipedia, is admitted a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, namely vitally important DHA and EPA, as well as vitamins A, E and D, antioxidants canthaxanthin and astaxanthin. What is the best krill oil brand on the market? There are a lot of brands of krill oil supplements on the market. How to find the best krill oil? To answer these questions you need to read the labels of krill oil supplements and do some calculations.

How to find the best krill oil supplement

When you choose a krill oil supplement always pay attention to three main things:

1.    The size of krill oil capsules

You can find 300 mg, 500 mg capsules and 1000 mg capsules of krill oil. According to WellWise.Org, 500 mg capsules are optimal. Manufacturers recommend a 1000 mg dose, thus 300 mg capsules Mega Red Krill Oil offer are too small. As the phospholipids in krill oil may react with a gelatin capsule and erode it, a 1000 mg capsule is easier to leak because of its large inner surface area.

2.    The quantity of phospholipids in a dose

Omega-3 fatty acids in krill oil are DHA and EPA, the same as in fish oil (read more about fish oil EPA and DHA). However, they are different because they are in a phospholipid form. This gives krill oil true benefits. Krill oil phospholipids lead to better absorption of omega-3 fatty acids in comparison with fish oil. The amount of phospholipids in the best krill oil supplements is not less than 400 mg per a 1000 mg dose. If the label says that the number of phospholipids is comparatively small it means that you don’t have pure krill oil, it’s a mixture with fish oil or something else. When doctors talk about outstanding benefits of krill oil they mean only krill oil with 40% phospholipids because this type of krill oil has been researched and has given results.  

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3.    The price 

Usually krill oil costs more than fish oil because it is more difficult to catch and process krill. There are some manufacturers that sell krill oil at a lower price. In this case you should understand that they sell not Antarctic pure krill oil but something else they simply call krill oil. Always read the label to find out the true content of the oil and check the amount of phospholipids. Sometimes producers don’t indicate phospholipids, just EPA and DHA amount. This may mean that EPA and DHA come from fish oil, not krill oil and then this oil has another value. The realistic price for pure krill oil is about 66-99 cents per a 1000 mg dose.

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Krill oil reviews

Let’s take a look at some krill oil brands.

Neptune Krill Oil or NKO is like a standard within krill oils. It is supplied by Neptune Bioressources and sold by many distributors. For example, Source Naturals Krill Oil sells NKO krill oil.  It contains 40% of phospholipids and includes astaxanthin. 

Superba Krill Oil, Twinlab krill oil, Nature’s Way krill oil meet requirements of pure krill oil. Swisse Wild krill oil has no indicated phospholipids amount. There is also Antarctic krill oil, Prograde krill oil, Nordic Naturals krill oil, Now Foods krill oil and many others on the market.

We are sure that you will always find the best krill oil if you read the label and follow our recommendations.