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Sea Buckthorn Oil Uses in Medicine and Cosmetics

Sea Buckthorn Oil  in Medicine and Cosmetics

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Almost all natural oils have a number of benefits, and sea buckthorn oil is not an exception. There are numerous sea buckthorn oil uses, and in this article we will have a glance at the most popular ones.

Medical use

The medical value of sea buckthorn oil has been known in Russia and China long time back. Even though America recently started discovering sea buckthorn oil benefits, the oil has already become quite popular due to its beneficial features, which are listed by Blue Sage Naturals.

  • Elimination of skin diseases

Acne and rosacea, as well as dermatitis are among skin diseases that can be treated using sea buckthorn oil. It significantly reduces inflammation, kills parasites and smoothens and moisturizes the skin (read more about sea buckthorn oil as a rosacea treatment remedy).

  • Improvement of immune system

A number of diseases come from misbalanced immune system. Consumption of sea buckthorn seed oil can help you improve your immune system and therefore prevent some diseases that are related to it.

  • Cure of gastrointestinal disorders

When sea buckthorn seed oil is consumed internally, it forms a protection layer on the stomach interior thus protecting it from unfavorable effects of pathogens. As well the oil aids in regulating digestion process.

  • The healing of wounds

Sea buckthorn oil greatly assists in accelerating the process of wound healing. It can be applied to any wound type, from deep cuts to even burns. It is obvious that treatment has to consist not only from the oil but also to certain medications or procedures, recommended by the doctor.

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Cosmetic use

Sea buckthorn oil can also be used as a body care product, according to Nature’s Gift. It is a perfect natural moisturizer and vitamin-full package.

  • Skin care

Not only does sea buckthorn help in skin disease treatment, it also can be used as a great skin care product. It moisturizes the skin and keeps satisfactory water level in skin cells making it elastic and strong. Unlike many other lotions, sea buckthorn oil does not dry the skin, block the pores or make it greasy, so it can be considered a right choice to make your skin beautiful and hydrated. Combine this oil with sunflower oil (find out benefits of sunflower oil).

  • Dental care

Among the features of sea buckthorn oil is also teeth whitening. It is so because of a number of vitamins and antioxidants present in this oil. As well sea buckthorn oil consumption contributes to overall teeth and gums health, killing microbes, eliminating inflammation and strengthening teeth. 

  • Hair care

To stimulate hair growth and improve the state of skull skin, you can use sea buckthorn oil externally. The oil helps in collagen formation thus improving hair structure and giving them healthier look.

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As mentioned above, there are many ways sea buckthorn oil can be used. However, due to some side effects of this product, it is always a necessity to consult a specialist first and find out whether it is okay for you to consume this oil. Any natural product has side effects and also affects different people in individual ways. Therefore, if you decide to start consuming sea buckthorn oil, it is advised to make a plan with your doctor so that the oil would benefit you the most.